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Song Zhe’s wife asked for divorce has been submitted to her husband " improper relationship " evidence – Sohu entertainment Song Zhe divorce case hearing, the woman said, still believe in love. Click to enter [HD Photo]   Beijing News reported in August 29th 29, three pm, Baoqiang Wang broker Song Zhe and his wife Yang Hui divorce case, in the Chaoyang Court, court hearing. For the Song Zhe, the case is not a public hearing. Case No. 37 was informed that the attorney Song Zhe advocate to the court said that the song does not agree to divorce.     after court, Song Zhe’s wife, Yang Hui, said, "no matter whether the other party agrees, our feelings have been broken and there is no way to live together." Yang Hui said the agent submitted "Song Zhe and Ma outsider improper relationship" evidence, "the trial is very smooth". The same day, the case No. 37 investigators also learned that, due to the opening of the school, Baoqiang Wang has applied to the court to require Ma Rong surrender children, do not delay the child to school. Song Zhe did not appear in court the lawyer not to utter a single word August 29th at 3 pm, Baoqiang Wang’s agent Song Zhe divorce case in Chaoyang Court, court hearing. 1 pm half will have dozens of media news in court, each to a car will lift equipment ready to shoot. The media does not know the case in court, the Chaoyang Court, noon to the waiting, after not found over time. The degree of concern is large, many people for fear of security problems, the area police station also appeared in court. The case heard in court, why? Reporters learned that the court is sent to court, Chaoyang Court, is a branch of civil trial, civil cases assigned here dicing trial, such as divorce parties domicile, habitual residence belongs to the area south of grinding mills jurisdiction, case hearing here. Prior to this, the famous artist Zhang Mi’s right to appeal to discuss the lawsuit in court and sentenced. At 2:51 in the afternoon, a yellow hair Yang Hui accompanied by a female agent to appear in court, in front of the camera, she deliberately blocked the face, but the glasses look terrible. Until the trial, Song Zhe himself did not come. Song Zhe’s agent, Shao Yaguang, appeared in court and was accompanied by a lawyer to the court. In the face of the media, which said about the Song Zhe rumors untrue Shao Yaguang and entered the court not to utter a single word, a assistant shut the door, did not enter the assistant. At the opening of the door, the detective squad 37 of the case again confirmed that the defendant had only one person sitting on the bench, the white shirt Shao Yaguang. Yang Hui lawyer said the trial involves "conventional property" Yang Hui’s lawyer Tan Yaoguang, the last to enter the court, the court said the case Yang Hui demands a divorce, the two is produced, involving cars, housing, equity and other normal property, specifically how much money to the court assessment. On the morning of August 14th, the famous artist Baoqiang Wang broke the news of his wife, and his agent, Song Zhe, and the transfer of their own property, and the next day, the official prosecution of divorce in the world, as well as in the next day, the next day, the next day, the first day of the divorce, the. The case of the 37 group learned that as early as Baoqiang Wang broke the news a few months ago, the song has been to the sun.相关的主题文章: