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Football South American football for a named Nicholas – Lai Aosi Cup Tournament, Perth Stadium against Argentina sits enemies Brazil. After 90 minutes of fighting, Argentina and Brazil, no achievements, ended in a goalless draw 0-0. Brazil’s shot hit the post twice, first 12 minutes, then Nei Maer pass Tui Da Miao hit the post; the first 77 minutes, Da Miao restricted the right heel clip lob into the far corner after the ball again extraordinary column. By Nicholas – Lai Aosi cup arrangement, the second round will be September 28 local time, the venue moved to Brazil. Nicholas – Lai Aosi Cup is an ancient tradition of South American football tournament, but has been closed for 35 years, last held the tournament dates back to 1976. According to reports, Nicholas – Lai Aosi Cup held in 1914, has so far held 11 sessions, this was the 12th organized by Nicholas – Lai Aosi Cup. Historically, Argentina and Brazil, a total of 90 Class A tournament battle record, 34 wins, 23 Tango corps level 33 to obtain a negative, almost as much as two record; but poor record in recent years, Argentina, Brazil, made the last eight games against only two games victory, losing four games played against in last November 17 last year in Doha, Tango Corps lore stoppage time with a 1-0 Messi won five consecutive games victorious end the embarrassment of Brazil. The game, as it is not in the international .petition on Friday, Argentina and Brazil only recruited into the local players, all the more famous players from Brazil, Ronaldinho and Nei Maer hand in starting, and Da Miao .position Trident; worth mentioning is that Ronaldinho wear the armband, as Brazil’s captain. 7 minutes, Martinez left the restricted area of a breakthrough after the cross, Boselli Qiangdian shot kicked. The first 12 minutes, Boselli teammates free kick over the bar Dianshe, Brazil once again escaped. Subsequently, Brazil counterattack, Nei Maer left break after the transfer, Da Miao Tui hit the right post after post! The first 13 minutes, Domingos long-range over the bar. The first 14 minutes, Ronaldinho free kick partial target. The first 16 minutes, Boselli teammates the right pass Tuishe missed. The first 26 minutes, Argentina was forced to make substitutions to adjust, opening squandered scoring opportunities Boselli injured, replaced by Jig Liao Di. The first 28 minutes, Nei Maer facing three defenders in the penalty area forced kicker shot blocked. 34 minutes, Martinez long-range wide of the right goal post. 41 minutes, Nei Maer left field made the first kick, Ronaldinho kick sent the ball leaps closed off by Argentina goalkeeper Ao Liang. Injury time, Kantor Ross Milner, Desa Bator header nodded. The end of the first half, Argentina and Brazil 0-0 into the intermission. Easy side battles the second half. 52 minutes, Ronaldinho corner kick, too much power directly from the other side flying. 56 minutes, Martinez pass behind the ball, Jig Liao Di restricted Youlei ball was slippery, and once again got up and shot by Dede block. 59 minutes, Argentina once again forced to make adjustments to outstanding performance Martinez was injured Mo policy substituted. The first 60 minutes, Canterbury Ross cross from the left, Augusto – Fernandez volley from outside the area hit the left door was Yefei Sen confiscated. 2 minutes later, Ross Kantor restricted arc the ball to the right, off the bench to the right of the penalty Mo policy header was Yefei Sen confiscated. Subsequently, the Brazilian team also made personnel adjustments, Oscar replaced Abreu. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: