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"Sparrow" ending color supporting   Yin was writing biographies of his live " " three Jiangsu Province; – the media – original title: Yin Zheng: someone to forgive him, I will pass the acting Yin Zheng was certainly broadcast for more than a month, the Spy Drama "sparrow" finally ending in the night. Several supporting roles are very out of color, which is cast with Yin Su provinces this disease agent Johnson role successfully ran out of the dark. "Few villain sparrow" in Zhang Luyi’s "puppet" acting boss Bi Zhongliang can also maintain the surface of the elegant, Yin Zheng’s three Su province is really "evil to juice". He joined the army the mutiny, the puppet regime, on the other hand, extremely cruel and merciless work; he is also a kind of love, the members of the Communist Party Li Xiaonan (Kan Qingzi ornaments) with pure love, the love hate under her hand shot. He’s got a lot of acting powder for this role". He graduated from Xinghai Conservatory of Music in Guangzhou, chose to make a living away from home as an actor. Recently, Yin Zheng accepted the media to visit the WeChat group, he said that the three provinces of the role of love sue, but also because of their performance was affirmed and happy. The role of Jiangsu provinces, first for the day he wrote biographies of Su three "collar lunch", wrote in the micro-blog Yin: "thank you also hate him, thank you for his love. The next three generations must be a good man, is estimated to be an ordinary farmer." In his opinion, Jiangsu provinces is a tragic character: a child has experienced a lot of bad things, thoughts and actions are very extreme; however, he loved and beloved are deeply. Read the "sparrow" people think Jiangsu provinces is a metamorphosis, Yin Zheng even directly "declare in no uncertain terms, mental illness" to describe this role. Even in the face of Li Xiaonan, the love of the three provinces is distorted. Yin Zheng said: "you love the girl in front of you, but also to kill her, this is a very distorted love." From another point of view, the three provinces to solve Li Xiaonan personally, in fact, is also a kind of gentle. Yin Zheng explained: "his sister died, little man can not run. Let him choose, of course, he would choose to kill Li Xiaonan himself, will not let the Japanese touch her." The three sides of the Soviet Union to allow the audience to love and hate, but also let Yin is too full of addiction. In order to play live Su three, Yin Zheng did a lot of preparation, one of the most special thing to write Biographies: "three Su Province for nearly ten days, to check a lot of information, including a few years old that time, Su three province was a few years old, the family to kill Japanese soldier, what time to enter the system when the spies, what time mutiny. We must pull out who I was and where I am, what and why such problems." Yin Zheng said that the Soviet Union is the most challenging role he has encountered, he is not a flat bad man. Can I play out his complexity? If, at the end of the day, a part of the audience can forgive the character, my performance will pass." Yin Zheng also love the role of the Soviet Union in three provinces. A reporter asked, if there is a chance to meet Su three provinces, want to say to him? Yin Zheng said: "come, I give you a hug." From Xinghai graduation, performing is when dreams of playing the Jiangsu provinces, Yin Zhengzhen himself)相关的主题文章: