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"The call" spiral boundary line spirit new on-line version — people.com.cn game original title: "the spiral line" realm elf summon new on-line version of fantasy realm, at your fingertips! Japanese fantasy Department RPG hand tour, spiral boundary line, the wizard call 1.2 version is now officially updated. The new version brings a new storyline for you brave, three new elf roles include white star, son of the stars has through the amber city pub recruit! With the 1.2 version of the line, spiral boundary line and then AppStore and GooglePlay more than recommended in the region, its excellent Japanese style has been fully recognized by the players! Amber city specific role probability UP! New version to start new benefits! To the "boundary line" spiral version 1.2 update -9 5 5:00, during the event, the white star amber Nora and Alfred Minas appear likely to increase! The activities after the end of the white star, Nora, Al Minas will return to the pole, and other advantages and role in the same probability. White star al m role exclusive task stars of the sub hear you calling, she only has her identity and considerable strength of the strong; and as one of the oldest city elf Fanseer, stars Sagittarius witnessed the birth and fallen countless young talents. He wanted to get their approval, you have to prove yourself without flaws! During the event, the completion of the exclusive role of the two characters, you can get a reward of two roles! (Yang Yu, Shen Guangqian Polo: commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: