Star 2 nova covert action the third part will be released in November 22nd-ssport

"Star 2" nova covert action third parts will be released on November 22nd with the Blizzcon, StarCraft 2 official also released a "legacy of the void" first battle — "StarCraft Mini Expansion Pack 2: nova" covert action the latest chapter updates, the third part will be officially released in November 22nd. The "covert action" is "the first mini battle" legacy of the void the upcoming expansion pack, the pattern is one of the subsequent expansion of the content in the final chapter dedicated Blizzard trilogy, "covert action" mainly in the human female Nova for the story line. Blizzard has released the first part of the level in March 31, 2016, the second part of the current in August 2nd (national service for the year August 3rd) released. The campaign will consist of 9 levels, in the form of a 3 pass. The first task package called "nova covert action", the story happened after the legacy of the void plot, tielen empire in the heads of Warren Ryan under the leadership of trying to recover from the attack and the Zerg in the civil war. The whole story is a center with Novak tells her: "between the human and the separatist camp guardian of human" story. The second part introduced: Nova wake up in a unknown facility. She could not remember where she was and what she was doing…… A large memory erased. Task two continues the story at the end of the task package. Walunlian · monske empire is facing an unprecedented crisis. And you will play Nova – a psionic ghost on covert action, trying to find their own goals, and investigate the relationship to the new threat the safety of the tyranid empire! The first two tasks in the task Tailaduoer No. nine star ", which is a famous tourist resort planet, now being faced with the threat of destruction. Two second tasks occur in the vast majority of people have not heard of the planet "charm Class Companion", this is a "Youmoyang huguojun" tried to immigrant planet, but for unknown reasons and failed. Maybe stay there for a night and find out what happened to them. Sina’s statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: