Sun Yunfei and other newly elected members went to Jinzhai county to accept the traditional educatio-cagliari exchange

Sun Yunfei, the newly elected members went to Jinzhai to accept the revolutionary tradition education — Anhui channel — Lu’an network news, the morning of September 28th, the newly elected four municipal committee, alternate member of the City Commission for Discipline Inspection, concentrated in Jinzhai county to accept the education of revolutionary tradition, city leaders, Bi Xiaobin, Pan Dongxu, sun Yunfei, Wang Qi, Chen Jiaben, Fu Xin’an Shu Xuelong, Meng Yongyong, Zhang Risheng, Han Jun, Wang Xinxiang, Gao Bin attended the activities. In the Red Army square in Jinzhai County, the revolutionary martyrs in the rain are solemn and solemn in commemoration of the revolutionary martyrs. Sun Yunfei, Secretary of the Standing Committee of the provincial Party committee and Secretary of the Municipal Committee of the CPC Committee, walked slowly to the front of the memorial tower and carefully arranged the ribbon of the flower basket to express the deep memory of the revolutionary martyrs. The Deputy Secretary of the municipal Party committee and Bi Xiaobin, the mayor of the city, presided over the ceremony. The revolutionary martyrs memorial in front of the tower, face red flag, the newly elected president of the four session of the committee, municipal committee, Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Committee raised his right fist to the party again with a solemn oath, the oath, firm faith, with practical action to perform their duties. Subsequently, all the staff visited the Jinzhai County Museum of the revolution, the struggle, to pay tribute to martyrs of the noble sentiments and fine style, outstanding contributions to cherish the memory of our ancestors, seriously understand the general secretary Xi Jinping visited Jinzhai said "an inch inch rivers of blood, a hot spot for a profound connotation of soul??". As we all have said, the spirit of the old liberated area is the brilliant mark and brilliant bottom of Lu’an. It is the biggest spiritual wealth and political resource left by our ancestors. Always remember to revolutionary beliefs and learning, firm and indomitable revolutionary martyrs true to the core, always maintain a communist character, keep in mind the purpose of the party, ideals and faith, let old spirit inheritance become conscious, let the old glory continue into action, standing at a new starting point, energetic and promising, unity and hard work, continue to move forward, to let the old the people live a happy life and work hard. (reporter Sang Hong) (commissioning editor Huang Yan and Guan Fei)

孙云飞等新当选委员赴金寨县接受革命传统教育–安徽频道–人民网   六安网消息,9月28日上午,新当选的四届市委委员、候补委员、市纪委委员集中赴金寨县接受革命传统教育,市领导孙云飞、毕小彬、潘东旭、付新安、王琦、陈家本、束学龙、孟永勇、张日升、韩军、王新祥、高斌等参加活动。   在金寨县红军广场,雨中的革命烈士纪念塔庄严而肃穆,大家怀着崇敬的心情敬献花篮。省委常委、市委书记孙云飞缓步走到纪念塔前,仔细整理花篮缎带,表达对革命先烈的深切缅怀。市委副书记、市长毕小彬主持仪式。   在革命烈士纪念塔前,面对鲜红的党旗,新当选的四届市委委员、候补委员、市纪委委员举起右拳向党再次庄严宣誓,恪守誓言,坚定信念,用实际行动履职尽责。随后,全体人员又参观了金寨县革命博物馆,瞻仰革命先烈的奋斗历程、高尚情怀和优良作风,缅怀先辈们的卓越功勋,认真领会习近平总书记视察金寨时所说“一寸山河一寸血、一?热土一?魂”的深刻内涵。大家纷纷表示,牺牲奉献的老区精神,是六安的光辉印记和光辉底色,是先烈先辈留给我们的最大精神财富和政治资源。要永远铭记和学习革命先烈坚忍不拔、忠贞不渝的革命信念,始终保持共产党员的本色,牢记党的宗旨,坚定理想信念,让传承老区精神成为自觉,让续写老区荣光变为行动,站在新的起点,奋发有为、团结拼搏,继续前进,为让老区人民过上幸福美好生活而努力奋斗。(记者桑宏) (责编:黄艳、关飞)相关的主题文章: