Taiwan girl idol group disappeared in 7 years for the sick sister (video) cancam

Taiwan girl idol group disappeared in 7 years for the Tencent in sister entertainment news according to Taiwan’s ETTV cloud coverage, "three sisters" is Taiwan’s first group of local women’s groups, 2003 debut in the rock music genre, strong Taiker taste set off a whirlwind once within 3 months earned 20 million (NT $4 million 250 thousand. RMB). In 2009 announced a solo, then fade out the entertainment, sister Jiang Peiyun (Xiao Yun) the current business when the boss, sister Jiang Peizhen (Jane) is hard for 8 years to become a producer, sister Jiang Peiying (Xiao Ying) fought politics when long, each have a piece of day. Shiny three sisters disappeared for many years in showbiz, during the occasional theatrical performances and on the show, but has become a part-time career. Once when sister Xiao Yun agent training, at present to the mainland business marketing company, work with her boyfriend, sister Xiaoying very business minded, before investing students open breakfast shop good grades, in 2014 nine in one election, elected. Sister Jane had wanted to marry in 2014 drama, producer Ning Yiwen, took 8 years to do field service, accounting, screenwriter, lighting and other chores, even can smell the toilet brush, finally realize the dream, a great love, "A Kuan" the new Zhongtian producer, but she stressed that there is absolutely no "husband", is also quite taboo to hear this kind of whisper. At present, 4 months pregnant Xiao body appears to be plump rounded and delicate appearance, the past far, her 2009 storm lost 10 kilograms, once spread of cancer, because later clarified venture pressure, plus another thalassemia, 3 had symptoms such as uterine fibroids, caused by steroid drugs fat. Collective return of the new landing idol相关的主题文章: