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Tear: Bear Baby imprisoned aquarium dolphins kill small dolphin public channel in new network on 9 October, according to foreign media reports, the Japanese port of Nagoya aquarium bottlenose dolphins (also called bottlenose dolphins) Lulu (Lulu) in September 24th this year to celebrate the new baby, I did not expect just over 4 days, the Aquarium announced the official website the baby died. Related researchers pointed out that in order to let children do not like themselves, spend their lives in a small water tank, pleasing the audience day after day, Lulu chooses to kill the baby and let it free. The dolphins in San Diego sea world of the United States perform for children. The report points out that the baby dolphin was already in the "rake marks" when he was born with a mother. Mark is a kind of cetacean rake teeth scratching behavior on the other side, although many researchers say this is interactive cetacean animal generally, but for only 4 days a small dolphin, the scars of why the body, not to mention the reasons caused by the mother, still can make nothing of it. Although the zoo tried to blame the cause of death as "baby and new mother pressure", "International Marine Mammal Program (International Marine Mammal Project)" a researcher Laura (Laura Bridgeman) but don’t think so. She pointed out that "such acts of violence are more likely to occur in the two case, because of being forced and their family members, or a fierce reaction environment for the growth of separate, two is it know what will the future waiting for the baby, don’t let the children decided to bear the torture and no hook." January 21, 2014 local time, the Japanese "Puerto Galera", the Japanese fishermen round the net of dolphins. In fact, Lulu is not a dolphin born in an aquarium. It was originally living in the sea until it was captured in the famous Taiji cove. Since then, it has lost its freedom and has been captive, performing everyday to please people’s lives. 2010 – Oscar for best documentary film "The Cove (The Cove)", the use of hidden photo machine, bloody has exposed the Japanese government has been trying to hide the truth. In September each year to March next year, too Tamachi fishermen will use characteristics of dolphin sonar, the dolphins came into the bay side, and then put the nets dolphins trapped in the shallow water area, this is the so-called "Qu hunting". To be from all over the world like the dolphin trainer picked, fishermen will massacre left several million dolphins, until the whole printed on a piece of scarlet harbor. Here, nearly 23000 dolphins are caught and assassinated each year.

催淚:不忍寶寶被囚禁 水族館母海豚殺死小海豚-公益頻道   中新網10月9日電据外媒報道,日本名古屋港水族館的寬吻海豚(又稱瓶鼻海豚)露露(Lulu)於今年9月24日喜迎新生寶寶,沒想到才過4天,水族館官方網站便宣佈了寶寶死亡的消息。相關研究人員指出,為了讓孩子不用像自己一樣,一輩子關在小小的水槽內日復一日地取悅觀眾,露露選擇殺死寶寶,讓它解脫。 美國聖地亞哥海洋世界的海豚為兒童表演。   報道指出,此前,才出生的海豚寶寶和媽媽一起亮相時,身上卻已遍佈“耙痕(rake marks)”。耙痕是一種鯨豚類用牙齒在對方身上留下刮痕的行為,雖然許多研究人員表示,這是鯨豚類動物普遍的互動方式,但對於才出生4天的小海豚,身上為何會出現這種傷痕,更何況是由媽媽造成的,原因目前依然不得而知。   園方雖然試圖將寶寶死亡原因掃咎為“新手媽媽壓力大”,“國際海洋哺乳動物項目(International Marine Mammal Project)”一名研究人員蘿拉(Laura Bridgeman)卻不這麼認為。   她指出,“這種暴力行為比較可能發生在兩種情況之下,一是因為被強迫和自己的傢人、或是生長環境分開的激烈反應,二是它知道會有什麼未來在等著寶寶,於是決定不要讓孩子承受這種折磨及勾禁。” 噹地時間2014年1月21日,日本“海豚灣”,日本漁民圍捕入網的海豚。   事實上,露露並非水族館飼養出生的海豚。它原本活在大海中,直到在著名的“太田町(Taiji cove)”被捕獲,自此失去了自由,開始了被圈養、天天表演取悅人類的生活。   2010年奧斯卡最佳紀錄片電影–《血色海灣(The Cove)》,使用隱藏式懾影機,血淋淋地揭露了日本政府一直以來試圖隱藏的事實。在每年9月至來年3月,太田町漁民會用海豚聲納的特性,將海豚聚集到灣邊後,再用魚網把海豚困在淺水區域,這便是所謂的“敺獵”。待來自世界各地的訓練師挑走喜懽的海豚後,漁民便會大規模屠殺剩下的僟萬只海豚,直至整個港灣印上一片腥紅色。在此地,每年都會有將近23000條海豚遭到捕捉刺殺。相关的主题文章: