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Cui Jian’s ten, help you read China rock thirty years [Abstract] Cui Jian, later known as the first China rock, "nothing" has become a Chinese rock masterpiece. [] Cui Jian’s ten big headset, help you read Chinese rock thirty years Tencent (the entertainment Zhuangao Emerson money) in May 9, 1986, China music is a memorable day in the history, held in Beijing Workers Stadium, the "first world peace" hundred star concert, Cui Jian first sang his "no all". A finished, thunderous cheers. Since then, rock music in China no longer "nothing", "nothing" has become an indelible classic in the history of Chinese rock. And the society is also in the process of opening, moving towards pluralism and harmony, and accepted Cui Jian. Cui Jian, later known as the first Chinese rock, "nothing" has become a Chinese rock masterpiece. "The first world peace and" hundred star concert on Cui Jian at the beginning of 80s, there are very few high quality original songs, most of the people in Taiwan Hongkong sung songs, and many classic songs of Taiwan and Hongkong is turning from Japan and the United states. It is Cui Jian, to break down the excessive imitation and copying music with rock and chain, the exotic culture in the Northwest China conducted a cross-border integration, to Chinese local musical elements in rock rhythm, then shouting and screaming singing convey to the people out of rebellion and tension of rock and roll, the with Cui Jian in the music innovation achievements. On the other hand, Cui Jian’s lyrics are full of passion, like a poem, but also like a slogan. Attracted people to open thinking, more let a person full of strength. Chinese rock began to long "Long March" in February 1989, Cui Jian wrote and completed the "rock of the new Long March", by China tourism Audio-visual Press published at the time, and then in Hongkong, Taiwan publishing, won the double platinum award in Taiwan, in Hongkong for platinum award. "Rock on the new Long March" is Cui Jian’s first solo album, also China first in the history of the original rock album, laid the status of Cui Jian in the Chinese rock history of the first person. In 80s China young people become the best endorsement, and over the years everlasting, is fully deserve classics. "Rock on the new Long March" from the album "nothing", "rock on the new Long March", "disco girl", "I don’t understand" music that reflects the era background of the Hard Rock style, there are gentle and smooth of folk songs, and contains little at the time the RAP element is known. This album really become the best endorsement in 80s Chinese of young people, and for years everlasting, is fully deserve the classic masterpieces. It is from the album "rock on the new Long March", with its simple melody and rhythm to set off a round of strong. From the beginning, Chinese music began to break from only focusing on the lyrics in the mire, people begin to pay attention to the music of songs, songs of clever rhythm let people repeatedly listening to the songs can continuously excited. Since then, the Chinese people’s impression of popular songs began.相关的主题文章: