The 17 month suspension of or welcome the resumption of hina turnaround – energy –

The 17 month suspension of   or welcome the resumption of hina turnaround – energy – original title: 17 month suspension or resumption of attack. Its 17 months after the suspension, the media news that the Hongkong Securities Regulatory Commission or will allow the hina film power resumption, but the prerequisite is to appoint a financial advisor to submit resume proposal and company accounts unqualified audit report. In this regard, the evening of October 12th, Cheng Qing issued hina film power announcement, said the report was not aware of the source. However, hina film power said that the company and the Hongkong Securities Regulatory Commission to communicate to the Commission on the Qing Cheng group concerns, and seek to achieve the Commission requirements, the company shares on the stock exchange resumption of trading. In addition, hina film power generation will also appoint a financial consultant for the due diligence of the group, and will prepare a copy on the group’s past and future some aspects of the disclosure documents (financial consultants involved). This response may mean that hina film power will usher in the resumption of the transfer. In May 20, 2015 Chinese stock suddenly fell 47% to HK $3.91 in just half an hour, the total market value of HK $144 billion 200 million a day evaporation, emergency suspension. In May 28th, Hongkong Securities Regulatory Commission said in a statement has been investigating the hina film power transaction. In July 15th of the same year, due to issues related to the related transactions, the stock hina film was officially the Hongkong Stock Exchange suspended, has yet to resume trading. (commissioning editor Sun Hongli and Wu Zhenguo) 停牌17個月 漢能或迎復牌轉機–能源–人民網 原標題:停牌17個月 漢能或迎復牌轉機   停牌17個月後,有媒體消息稱,香港証監會或將允許漢能薄膜發電復牌,不過前提是必須任命一名財務顧問,以遞交復牌建議書及公司賬目的無保留意見審核報告。對此,10月12日晚間,漢能薄膜發電發佈澂清公告,稱並不知悉該報道的消息來源。   不過,漢能薄膜發電表示,公司竭儘所能與香港証監會溝通,以澂清証監會對集團的疑慮,並尋求在達成証監會要求的條件後,公司股份於聯交所恢復買賣。   此外,漢能薄膜發電還將委聘財務顧問對該集團進行儘職審查,並將准備一份關於該集團過往及未來某些方面的披露文件(財務顧問亦參與其中)。   這一回應,或許意味著,漢能薄膜發電即將迎來復牌的轉機。2015年5月20日漢能股價突然在短短半小時暴跌47%至3.91港元,總市值一日蒸發1442億港元,緊急停牌。5月28日香港証監會聲明稱已就漢能薄膜發電的事務進行調查。同年7月15日,因涉關聯交易等問題,漢能薄膜的股票正式被香港聯交所勒令停牌,至今尚未復牌。 (責編:孫紅麗、伍振國)相关的主题文章: