The 79 year old actor was charged with sexual assault case trial will testify against women or 13-97179

The 79 year old actor was charged with sexual assault case to trial 13 women or testify against Bill · Cosby was accused of drugging sexual assault, Bill · will be tried in June 5, 2017; Cosby (Bill Cosby) has been transferred to the court on the blind, special assistant to the Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, African American male star Bill – Cosby (Bill Cosby) and because the United States in 1980s starring popular famous album "the Cosby Show", but in recent years it has been involved in a sexual assault case, more than 50 women were publicly accused his behavior, he is scheduled to be tried in June 5, 2017, but it came before he has been blind, need special assistant to the court. Cosby, the 79 year old Bill in recent years by more than 50 women accused him of sexual assault case, and time spans 40 years, however, most of the charges have been traced, only to enter the court case the judge ruled that the office was Tan Temple University Ann Kang (Andrea Constand) Derui Stan accused him of drug he insisted that it was raped, took sleeping medicine "dormir" to each other to eat each other, is in the state of mutual relations. According to the "Broadcasting British Corporation" (BBC) reported that the trial judge O’Neill (Steven O "Neill) said that Bill Cosby had tried several attempts to obstruct the case, but because prosecutors found new evidence in July 2015, so the case will be re trial, and the trial date is in June 5th next year, it is reported that, when there may be 13 of the victims will testify. He also said that, according to the lawyer claimed that Bill – Cosby has been blind, so the court may need special assistant. ETtoday (the commissioning editor: Kita)相关的主题文章: