The 82 year old actor in the bathtub broadcast series into sudden death posthumous (Figure)-kairui

The 82 year old actor in the bathtub broadcast series into sudden death posthumous (Figure) dry flat two, according to Taiwan media reports, the Japanese actor dry flat two Lang last night (October 23rd) about 6:30, sudden death was found bathtub at home, at the age of 82. He performed a series of "Cain and Abel" is Fuji 9 file broadcast, as Ryosuke Yamada’s grandfather, it has become his last work. Dry flat two Lang family all love show, 77 year old ex-wife Sakuma riyoukou, actress, son Ping Yue also inherited the mantle as an actor, he performed many rivers show, was also in the "Benedict Ji" and the son Ping Yue Da together together. His acting skills, in 1988 was awarded the purple ribbon medal, 2005 by the sun small cordon sure Japan lost showbiz talents. The king of the stage collapsed news: the first sentence is the truth from death is wrong! Guo Jinfa yesterday to half of the sudden collapse, rescue invalid. According to Taiwan media reports, "classics" concert, burning meat "bass singer" reputation of the Taiwanese singer Guo Jinfa, yesterday (108) to participate in the festival activities the concert stage in Kaohsiung Wei Wu Ying, did not expect the representative of "burning meat" just finished the first stage fell, immediately sent medical rescue still died many of the media, Guo Jinfa sang the song mentioned in elongated tones, and suddenly fell to the ground, but Guo Jinfa’s friendship between old and young people but Wu Guozhen said, in fact, while singing "burning meat" the first sentence, was wrong! Friends said that in fact he sang "the first sentence" burning meat when you have been wrong. At present in Taiwan in the strongest "teacher" as the "Taiwan Chinese teacher", specializes in Taiwan ballads and pop music expert Wu Guozhen, in recent years, with king Guo Jinfa visits, he said last night, Guo Jinfa unwell, song long relief clues, according to his observation, Guo Jinfa singing "burning meat". The opening of the first sentence has lost the past vigorous strength, strength is obviously insufficient, and the king of personality is rather self depression, not easily cried bitter tired, so that he will stick to the life at the end of the song, sing the first paragraph long sound at the end, the body can not stand down. "Bahchang king" Guo Jinfa. It is reported that the understanding of Guo Jinfa’s relatives and friends all know, the calm personality depression, and on their own identity and the singer singing career is particularly valued, regardless of life or work, Guo Jinfa always afraid to cause others trouble, so the situation encountered is stuffy in the heart, would rather pay or chidiankui, choose their teeth to support the past, therefore judged yesterday, Guo Jinfa has been very likely to feel physically uncomfortable, but because professional, so choose sing sing full, final body can not stand, sorry. With deeper, exposing more transparent, more unspeakable secrets, all in the "Phoenix gossip" (micro signal: entifengvip), add free reading.相关的主题文章: