The boat capsized off the coast of Egypt refugee rescue continued to 162 people dead-ca1816

The boat capsized off the coast of Egypt refugees dead to 162 people continued to rescue the original title: Refugee boat capsized off the coast of Egypt, the rescue continues to 162 people in September 24, according to foreign media reports, this month 24 days, rescue personnel on a ship capsized off the coast of Egypt in the refugee ship search and rescue operations into the third day, the the number of the dead had been to at least 162 people. According to reports, the ship carrying about 600 people of the illegal immigrant ship sank near the Rachid area of the Mediterranean Sea in Beheira Governorate of Egypt for 21 days. Earlier, according to media reports, the illegal immigration ship from the Mediterranean coast of Egypt, a village, the destination may be Italy. The Egyptian Ministry of Health said in a statement: "the number of the ship capsized in Rosetta offshore illegal immigration ship has risen to 162 people." 22 Egyptian prosecutors detained on the incident in the case of the person involved in the sale of 4, and will conduct further investigation. According to the latest statistics released by the UNHCR report 20, since January this year, more than 300 thousand people have been to Europe via the Mediterranean people, of which more than 3000 people dead or missing in the way. In June of this year will have a boat capsized in the Greek coast, causing 320 refugees were killed in the tragedy. Editor: Zheng Hanxing相关的主题文章: