The Bohai steel bank claims debt bonds is hard landing.

The Bohai steel bank claims: "debt bonds" is hard landing Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The Bohai steel bank claims: "debt bonds" is hard landing vice president Song Yikang [the Tianjin branch of a state-owned big brokerages said, at present Bohai steel debt default event to solve the lack of external opportunities, heavy and difficult, specific solutions and landing distance distance] from Bohai iron and steel 192 billion yuan of debt risk of the outbreak has been the past 6 months, 105 financial institutions is still in the mire of debt. Rumors of the "debt" solution "partly veiled", but still attracts attention of the market. The day before, Bohai iron and Steel Group also issued a "debt convertible" scheme, to defuse the crisis. September 19th, the market came to Bohai iron and steel debt bond disposal program: Tianjin disposal program is given, the company to undertake 50 billion yuan, bonds of $60 billion, retained and write off $80 billion." However, for this program, the relevant person in charge of the Tianjin Municipal Finance Bureau, the first Financial Daily reporters, said: this statement is not accurate, many things are still in the study." However, the reporter learned from the Tianjin branch of a state-owned large bank vice president, Bohai iron and steel has indeed mentioned the acquisition of bank loans bonds approach. In his view, the current Bohai iron and steel debt default event to solve the lack of external opportunities, difficulties, distance from specific solutions and landing distance. Tianjin local bank insiders also told this reporter revealed that there is no definite program. The spread of the "debt bonds" scheme for the spread of the "debt bonds" scheme, vice president of the state-owned bank of China Tianjin branch, Bohai iron and steel for the issuance of bonds is to solve the problem, but for the banks, focus on iron and steel enterprises is to solve the problem of bad assets. In fact, the solution is restructuring, but restructuring program you can accept Tastes differ all tastes. According to him, at present for Bohai iron and steel debt default, there is a creditor led by the Agricultural Bank Organization, which has more than a dozen banks, consensus is difficult. "At present, Bohai iron and steel is not really bright a bottom," vice president of the state-owned bank of China Tianjin branch said, "the valuation of assets and asset liability ratio of Bohai iron and steel did not hand to the creditors had a detailed announcement, the data should be taken out, and the need to introduce the third party to enter the Bohai iron and steel factory evaluation." According to media reports, the specific project of Bohai Iron & Steel Group "debt bonds" is a new company established by Bohai iron and Steel Group’s three most heavily indebted companies to undertake high-quality assets, the debt of 50 billion yuan; 80 billion yuan of debt will take retained the original companies and financial institutions in two ways to solve the nuclear pin. "Enterprise self divestiture of high-quality assets, should not damage the interests of creditors as the premise, especially the company insolvent circumstances, otherwise once into bankruptcy court procedures, may be due to the provisions of article thirty-two bankruptcy law by the court revoked." Ouhai Wenzhou law on bankruptcy liquidation相关的主题文章: