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"-" the book "AsiaInfo gold arm" – people.com.cn entertainment channel, people.com.cn Book AsiaInfo stills people.com.cn Beijing 25 August,   (Tang Ping); produced by Yao off the media, William Feng, Victoria Song, Ma Tianyu starred in the fantasy epic "-" is Hunan TV diamond independent radio theater hit. In last week’s episode update, fire Prince Gang played by the book Shuo AsiaInfo due to fire the king was given by the active huoyun seal metamorphosis from gold arm, power surge. The book’s gang is Shuo AsiaInfo fire? The most highly valued prince, arrogant self-confidence born militant, to consolidate the nation industry responsibility and glorious fire. In last week’s episode, Sakura empty release (Ma Tianyu ornaments) and Picasso (William Feng ornaments) brothers back edge Syracuse hit fire?, in order to protect the injured Wang Shuo gang was devouring Excalibur "eat" out the left arm, then returned to the city fire ten fire tower guard recall brother as king of healing therefore, fire saved will be transformed into a golden seal fire arm Gang as a reward for shuo. The audience said: "one second to the mermaid princess after a second strike violently, broken hand rather than the Shuo gang." "The golden arm too cool, expecting it to clap." The book Shuo Gang custom makeup decoration AsiaInfo since the exposure, the book was played by AsiaInfo Shuo Gang users praise for "fire people Yan value play, a touch of evil iconic red red hair, elf like ears, mouth slightly curled smile with a golden armor, hideTake extraordinary. In the latest episode, in order to find Yingkong Shi Shuo Yan Gang and weakness? (Zhang Meng) adventure into the edge Syracuse, two people wearing white clothes to subvert the past other flirtatious ice. The attack in a cave, whether he can successfully escape? Black Mist Mami where is sacred? Please lock "-". (commissioning editor Zou Jing and Li Yan)相关的主题文章: