The C1 driver’s license drivers motorcycle to buy food license cancellation directly deducted 27 poi

The C1 driver’s license drivers motorcycle to buy food directly deducted 27 points license cancelled National Day period, just to obtain a driver’s license in Yubei two people Hu had to be his first self driving tour postponed. Because he inadvertently a move, so that his C1 driver’s license was canceled directly. October 4th at 11 am, two brigade police in the south side of the intersection of the two streets on duty, found Humou driving a black motorcycle speeding, car without license, the driver does not wear helmets. Police immediately stopped the car stop. When the police asked the driver to produce a driver’s license, Hu’s answer to the police shocked: I this is an electric motorcycle, do not need a driver’s license." Hu continued to say that he has a car driver’s license, can open four wheels of the car, you can also drive a motorcycle with two wheels. After the police check, the motorcycle horsepower, high power, the maximum speed of 120 kilometers per hour, and is the combustion of gasoline motor vehicles, where is the electric car? Obviously is required to drive a license to drink a motor vehicle license. Police told the driver of motor vehicles and non motorized distinction, and told him that all motor vehicles must have the appropriate driver’s license. The police inspection also found that before and after the motorcycle did not hang a motor vehicle plate, and the driver was not wearing a safety helmet, did not carry a driver’s license, a number of suspected illegal. After the police continue to verify, Hu holds C1 driver’s license, no motorcycle driver’s license, his C1 driver’s license just got 2 months, is still in the internship period. The original morning, Hu home to the guests, he did not look at the refrigerator dishes, and quickly find a neighbor to borrow a motorcycle, ready to go shopping to buy food. At that time, he saw a motorcycle license, no helmet, want to give up the car. Neighbors told him that this is an electric car, belonging to non motor vehicles, do not need a license, no driver’s license, do not need to wear a helmet, let him despite the confidence to open the street to buy food. Hu did not take any documents, riding a neighbor of this high-powered motorcycle on the road. Just arrived in the Southern District Road, he was stopped by police patrol. After police education and traffic law courses, Hu understand the reasons for their illegal behavior. This time he inadvertently borrow the car on the street, suspected quasi driving type does not match, driving a motor vehicle without a license plate, not wearing a helmet, did not carry a driving license for 4 illegal behavior. According to the provisions of the road traffic safety law, police imposed a record 12 points, a fine of 500 yuan penalty for Hu quasi driving type does not match the illegal behavior of illegal acts; driving a motor vehicle without a license plate, a record 12 points, fined 200 yuan; illegal behavior on the driver not wearing a helmet for motorcycle, a note 2 points, a fine of 50 yuan penalty for violations of the law; it did not carry a driver’s license, a record 1 points, fined 50 yuan. Four illegal total to be recorded 27 points, a fine of $800. Hu is even more painful, Hu’s driver’s license was recorded in the internship period of 12 minutes, will be directly canceled, only to re start learning from the subject. (upper reaches of the press – Chongqing Morning Post)相关的主题文章: