The car glass the same place for two consecutive days by ball breakdown coinwatch

The car glass the same place for two consecutive days by ball breakdown yesterday morning, Ms. Qiu went to Ferndean Xiao building drive Dadukou District backdoor, pops twice, the right side of the glass is two Ms. Qiu car breakdown two hole steel balls. Let Ms. Qiu depressed, the day before yesterday in the same place, the same is a breakdown of the right side of the glass ball. At present, the Public Security Bureau Dadukou police are investigating the matter. The car glass ball breakdown yesterday morning more than and 10 minutes, Ms. Qiu drove the car from the rear area to build Ferndean Dadukou Xiao has just started out, walked to the door, two "pops" sound suddenly came from the right. "I was so scared that I bumped into something." After getting off the car, Ms. Qiu’s husband to get off and found that the right side of the window glass appeared two holes, the glass has a crack. Ms. Qiu said, she found off 4 balls in the car around. The day before yesterday just shot through the glass "the day before yesterday my car was hit the glass ball, have not had time to change, now again." Ms. Qiu is very angry, 8 o’clock the day before yesterday morning, she drove out of work, is a ball hit the right front window glass in the same place, glass is the breakdown of a hole. "When the ball hit the glass ball breakdown, when in the copilot position, I also picked up the ball at a time. Finally, I report to the police after the police came, I put the ball over to the police." Ms. Qiu said, if the Deputy cab sat, playing ball in the human body, must be injured. Reporters in the District, the district where many residents said, in the area where the ball flying has been for a long time, sometimes the balls hit the tree, sometimes hit in the grass, and hit the vehicle. Everyone to the property management office building Ferndean Xiao reflect, but also residents alarm. The police have been involved in the investigation of the residential property management office staff told reporters that they received a number of owners reflect someone playing ball with the ball gun, at the same time, they also report to the Public Security Bureau dadukou. The police to the area were investigated and judged according to the ball flying direction estimation, shooting ball gun position in District 8, but also focus on Building 8 of the police investigation. The reporter learned from Dadukou Chunhui Road police station, they are investigating the matter, it is speculated that Ms. Qiu for two consecutive days by the ball hit, may only occasionally, not specifically for Ms. qiu. (Chongqing business daily)相关的主题文章: