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"The center of the world" special edition pain ouhao "encounter" crying scene – Entertainment Sohu ouhao shooting diving lens ouhao riding in the rain through the crossroads Sohu entertainment news will be released on August 26th love movies "in the center of the world calls for love" starring ouhao today issued a letter to the future of the letters "do not forget the early heart stay motivated, — for ten years after their". In the letter, ouhao warmth strokes to relive the early into the interpretation of the industry when feeling, full of expectations for the future is put forward, and tells the story of the movie "call for love" mentality in the center of the world. Ou Hao said that the show is a breakthrough and a real challenge, he benefited from the. It is understood that the "love" novel and film adaptation of the same name from the Japanese well-known in the center of the world, by the Korean "Romance Godfather" Guo Zairong as a director, will be released nationwide in August 26th. Ou Hao sent a letter to 10 years after their power to maintain the film did not forget the early heart call "love" with memories of the way the body in the center of the world, let the audience to follow the lead of adult "Kodak" memories, back to the old time, recalled his 10 years ago with the "summer" between the love story. In the movie, play the role of "Kodak" starring ouhao also wrote a tribute to 10 years after their touching letters, in the 2016 movie "call for love" released as the time node in the center of the world, raised expectations and wishes for the 10 years after their. In the letter, ouhao from 2013 to participate in "Happy Boys" began to recall, with exquisite description of his attention to music from the film into the mentality changes. For 10 years after their ouhao said "do not forget the early heart, no matter where you go, who became" the ouhao don’t forget the heart, the party must always mentality, also won the audience have appreciated. Ou Hao also mentioned in the letter in the "journey of love" in the call center of the world, "finished the play, like real re experiencing a whole long adolescence. "The play in Europe, is a growth, is a metamorphosis, but also an integral part of the interpretation of life experience. Ou Hao said in the letter, "recalls a seventeen year old Kodak bicycle Tears scene" the role of Kodak for ou Hao, can really reached the depths of his heart, let his acting breakthrough and sublimation. Ou Hao involved crying out acting sophisticated movie show "in the center of the world calls for love" in Europe, Howard played "Kodak" life with the first true love girl — Zhang Huiwen’s summer in high school, two people fall in love, together with a twist of fate, and the promise of "go find the center of the world. But people get good luck, bad luck or falls in the couple who, two people facing the fate of "farewell"…… 10 years later, the adult Kodak back to two place, recalling the past, to look for the "memory" of the summer. In the process of playing the role of Kodak, Hao Hao overcome the challenges, acting has been greatly improved, but also shows the professional qualities as an actor. It is reported that, because of the need for the script Hao, 2 times in the water, heavy rain N times, shooting underwater diving drama, physical and psychological.相关的主题文章: