The Chinese alligator settled in Tahe doubled the length of upper half weight – in Beijing-yuria

The Chinese alligator settled in Tahe doubled the length of upper half weight – Beijing Yang Dong photo Beijing Xinjiang alar on 9 October, (reporter Yang Dong) late autumn afternoon, sunny, warm and cool. Many Chinese alligators, prostrate on the pond shore, do not care about strangers visit, still dead "sleep". Is the modern facilities built around the botanical garden, quiet and warm. Here in October 8th, the reporter came to visit, as the western people, see them for the first time, it was carefully observed and photographed with hair standing on end, — like crocodile armor warrior, mighty awesome…… Here is the Xinjiang production and Construction Corps sixteen group of the first division of a plant ecological tourism park, located in the asphalt roadbed is the headwaters of the Tarim River, known to the world the river — to pedestrians and vehicles in the past will see far. It is reported that these crocodiles in April this year to buy from the mainland. At that time, a small length of ten centimeters, weight hundred grams; the less than 70 cm weight less than 10 kg. Data show that the Chinese alligator (Alligatorsinensis) or later (tuó), is a kind of special China crocodile, crocodile is one of the smallest varieties in the world. It is the oldest, and is the number of very rare and endangered world of reptiles; the wild Chinese alligator has only a little more than 100, mainly distributed in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River China lakes, ponds and swamps, it is called "the Chinese alligator". Experts said that in the Chinese alligator body, many features still can be found in earlier dinosaur reptiles, for people to study the rise and fall of ancient reptiles and study ancient geology, biological evolution, significance. It is understood that, in order to make the Chinese alligator race can continue, Chinese established a nature reserve of Alligator sinensis and artificial farms in Anhui, Zhejiang and other places, artificial breeding of more than 10000 Chinese alligator. The owner told reporters, from the lower reaches of the Yangtze River to the edge of the Taklimakan Desert, the growth status of the crocodile is good; more than half a year, weight and size are more than doubled. The master said, Chinese alligator bait of very low, their feeding habits are wide, fish, meat, animal offal can feed. Six months, every three days put a food, food from the farmers market to buy, very adequate. Reporters saw the crocodile stocked in two through the barbed wire column. The middle of the net bar is a pond, surrounded by a cement platform, crocodile into the water ashore freedom. The crocodile pool is on the right side of the ordinary duck goose and duck stocking ponds, front of pheasant, peacock, wolf, little white rabbit, fox, ostrich, etc. — and feeding between neighbors, separated by a concrete wall and iron net, no thanks for the entertainment, peaceful and cozy. Along the Tarim River downstream of about 50 km, second in the world road (LAR) and O (field) and highway 210 lines intersect at a desert in the wild, the reporter saw in Xinjiang and a variety of rare animal and plant breeding Park, a plurality of the same Chinese alligator, a much larger individual. It is understood that the introduction of these crocodiles in April 2015. Experts say that Xinjiang is a magical place, many other places of animals and plants, only.相关的主题文章: