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The Chinese teacher like a pupil to exam – Zhejiang channel — original title: Chinese teacher like a pupil to test these two days, a list of winners spread in Hangzhou Xihu District primary school. Originally, Xihu District recently held the seventh sports meeting of Chinese teachers special skills of staff. And general events than the competition, the biggest feature is wide: the region under the age of 35 all full-time teachers in chinese. Game two: hard pen calligraphy, literature accomplishment. Among them, the literary accomplishment includes poetry accumulation, reading appreciation and writing. A list of winners, schools are in their respective number of winners and thin statistics released. "Is the embodiment of the basic skill of Chinese teachers team." Grade teacher, Xihu District primary school Chinese teaching and research staff Ni Zonghong said — she is one of the examiners and the instructor. Young teachers should have what? No answer should be penalized in the whole paper, a total of 100 points, 20 points, the calligraphy of ancient poetry, literary appreciation of 30 points accumulated 50 points, the examination time for 80 minutes. The hard pen calligraphy, is to see the words on the paper, paper has specified requirements "in block letters". "Because we are facing the students, especially the students of some low, straight and it is necessary. Answer, some teachers a little attention, write faster, become to the point of saying." Ni Zonghong said. The accumulation of ancient poetry is equivalent to a total of 15 words, in the sentence, of which 50% are materials specified in the table of contents, the other half is the theme is to develop extracurricular, encourage teachers to make appropriate. Ni Zonghong said: "we asked the students to recite ancient poetry, of course you want to recite it first teacher." In addition to the two basic skills, there is a piece of content is reading and writing, one problem is the appreciation of ancient poetry, one is children’s poetry appreciation, teachers can choose one of two "". "Such a short period of time to write an article about 800 words of literary appreciation or reading is not a small test." Ni Zonghong introduction, this topic mainly inspects the teacher’s reading appreciation ability and writing ability, which is the most comprehensive accomplishment of Chinese subject. The color of many articles, 48 and 49 have such a high score." Speaking of teachers in the younger generation, Ni Zonghong very pleased. The 481 Chinese teacher reference best to get 96 points score after the statistics, a total of 481 Chinese teachers to participate in. After fierce competition, according to the score from high to low order, about 30% people were one or two, third-prize. Among them, the first prize was won first prize in primary school wisdom campus Xuejun Zhou Qin, got a score of 96 points. "Because I’m more interested in ancient poetry, this is just a piece of content, so it should be accounted for" a little cheaper. "." Zhou said modestly. As a teacher, but also the Chinese teaching and research group leader, Mr. Zhou welcomed the examination, very helpful for teachers’ basic skills. The hard pen calligraphy as an example, although the modern education information technology means more and more, a lot of time as long as typing on the line. "But as a basic writing on the blackboard or)

语文老师像小学生一样去考试–浙江频道–人民网 原标题:语文老师像小学生一样去考试   这两天,一份获奖名单在杭州西湖区各小学传开。原来,前段时间西湖区举行第七届教工技能运动会语文教师专场。和一般赛事比,这次比赛最大的特点是面广:全区35周岁以下的语文专职教师全部参加。比赛内容两项:硬笔书法、文学素养。其中,文学素养包括诗文积累、阅读鉴赏与写作。   获奖名单一出来,学校都在细细统计各自获奖人数并公布出来。“体现的是教师团队最基本的语文功力。”省特级教师、西湖区小学语文教研员倪宗红说――她正是出卷人和批卷人之一。   年轻教师们要考点啥? 答题不用正楷就要被扣分   整张试卷一共100分,其中硬笔书法20分、古诗文积累30分、文学鉴赏50分,考试时间80分钟。   硬笔书法,就是看答卷上的字,试卷上有特别注明要求用“正楷”。“因为我们面对的是小学生,尤其是一些低段的学生,端端正正是必需的。答卷时,有些老师稍不注意,写得快一些,变成了行楷就要扣分了。”倪宗红说。   而古诗文积累相当于名句填空,一共15句,其中50%是教材中规定的篇目,另一半是课外题材,也是为了鼓励老师做适当的拓展。倪宗红说:“我们要求学生背诵古诗词,当然首先老师自己要能背出来。”   除了这两项基本功外,还有一块内容是阅读鉴赏与写作,其中一题是古诗词鉴赏、一题是儿童诗鉴赏,老师们可以“二选一”。“这么短的时间内,要写出一篇800字左右的文学鉴赏或读后感,应该是一个不小的考验。”倪宗红介绍,该题主要考察老师的阅读鉴赏能力和写作表达能力,这也是语文学科最综合的素养。“出彩的文章很多,48、49这样的高分也有。”说起教师中的年轻一代,倪宗红很欣慰。   全区481名语文老师参考 成绩最好的拿到96分高分   经过统计,全区一共有481名语文老师参加。经过激烈的角逐,按分数由高到低排列,约30%的人分获一、二、三等奖。   其中,获得一等奖中第一名的是学军小学求智校区的周沁,拿到了96分的高分。“因为我自己对古诗词比较感兴趣,这次刚好是这块内容,所以应该是占了一点‘小便宜’。”周老师谦虚地说。   作为一线教师,同时也是语文教研组长,周老师很欢迎这样的考试方式,对扎实教师基本功很有帮助。就以硬笔书法为例,虽说现代化的教育信息技术辅助手段越来越多,很多时候只要打字就行了。“但作为一个基本的书写,在黑板上或练习本上给学生写‘范笔’,还是最有效最有美感的形式。”周老师特别提到,语文老师只有自己在平时多积累,多接受传统文化的熏陶,在日常的语文教学中才会潜移默化地体现出来。“这样的一次考试,对我们老师都是一种积极的引导和促动。” (责编:王婕、翁迪凯)相关的主题文章: