The country’s first professional gaming first test 30% failed games – Beijing exam-doat

The country’s first professional gaming first test 30% failed games – Beijing gaming students He Jinduo examination papers. For respondents figure in August this year, the Xilingol Vocational College in Inner Mongolia set up a professional electronic sports curriculum first national, professional gaming into the college teaching, discussed, and test the professional stage at the end of yesterday once again raised concerns. Last week, the students He Jinduo finished the first subject, will be corrected after the "hero alliance" subjects (gaming game name) papers sent to the network, caused by heat transfer. A game player said the test is too simple, but there are also people who address him difficult to understand. The professional person in charge of the school Li Ailong said, this test is a diagnostic test, the exam is a teacher, is proposed according to the teachers’ team to develop the talent plan, did not develop a detailed curriculum standard, but teaching are in order. "Hero alliance" first class 89 points, nearly 4 failed yesterday afternoon, He Jinduo finishing the exam last term in confidence, effect does not seem to be outside the controversial. School for two months, He Jinduo ushered in the first professional exam, the first subject of the League of heroes is not difficult for him. 89 points, the class of the 36 he took the first place. Get after marking papers, He Jinduo heart joy, will the exam pictures uploaded to the Baidu Post Bar, caused by heat transfer. In September this year, occupation education and Adult Education Department of the Ministry of Education issued the "notice" on 2017 higher school enrollment professional occupation to declare the work, published 13 additional professional in 2016, including "E-sports and management", which belongs to the category of education and sports sports. Shortly after the opening, Inner Mongolia gaming professional Xilingol Vocational College, enrollment for the community. The reporter saw the exam for examination in Physical Education Department of Xilingol Vocational College as subjects in the gaming schedule, "hero alliance", consists of multiple-choice cloze questions and short answer questions three. Both games on the topic related game content assessment, also involves the game skills test. Many netizens said after watching "cannot read", but also the game game player said the exam is too simple, not gold. For the usual love to play this game, He Jinduo, this achievement is not easy. "A day before the exam, I hold back class notes for a whole night." He told reporters that the exam covers many aspects of a gaming game development history and operating skills, most of the content of classroom teaching and the teacher, not after learning the system to get high marks. Monitor Chen Xiangran told reporters that the exam exam involves a lot of theoretical knowledge, they need to spend two or three hours to recite, game playing is not necessarily a good score. He said that his first 5 subjects are listed in the top five classes, but many of them are not familiar with the game before, are the results of classroom learning. The professional director Wu Hao told reporters that the examination of 6 subjects, respectively is the "hero alliance", "DOTA2", "hearthstone legend", "Cross Fire", the first person shooter game, electronic sports development history. The exam is all clear相关的主题文章: