The couple stopped the plane detained 5 Japanese experts the punishment is too light can be listed

The couple stopped the plane detained 5 Japanese experts: the punishment is too light can be listed in the blacklist – Beijing "1+1 news" September 19, 2016 complete sets — the couple stopped the plane, the consequences? (program guide) explanation: at the airport tarmac, stop the plane leaves, and together with the civil aviation safety incidents happen. (news broadcast) two people have been sentenced to administrative detention by the police for 5 days. Commentary: the waiting hall downtown, tarmac downtown, flying in the air to make. Passenger: you come over, I hit you. Commentary: the new civil aviation law draft, the 4 types of interference behavior was written. "News 1+1" today concern: Both husband and wife to stop the plane, the consequences? Moderator Bai Yansong: Hello audience friends, welcome to watch live news 1+1. Today, two people should leave the detention center, completed their administrative detention for a period of five days of such a process. The two men are husband and wife, said that these people are not as famous as the right, because we do not know what the first name of them, and even where they are, we do not know where the people of the two. But in the past five days time, they are not on the rivers and lakes, rivers and lakes are all their legends, we are talking about them. Why is it so famous? Because they had done such a thing, is the plane was late to catch the plane, the results down the staff, broke into the flight control area, to stand under the plane, the plane took off and don’t let requirements, they go up. We see such a picture, the picture can be seen through the head, with the aircraft bridges have been isolated, that is to say the plane was going to enter into the taxi and take off the stage. Please note, however, that a man in a white T-shirt is talking to the staff. We look at a picture, this is another woman, they are husband and wife to stand under the plane does not let the plane take off, the purpose is to open the door and let us go up, this is the limit. Come and focus on the incident. (broadcast) commentary: Mid Autumn Festival small holiday, people who leave home looking forward to an early reunion, and some people want to take advantage of this holiday holiday. But on the day before the Mid Autumn Festival in September 14th, from the capital airport to Shanghai Hongqiao Airport flight CA1519 is delayed 34 minutes, not the weather delays, not because of air traffic control, but two passengers broke into the tarmac block plane. The woman wearing a white T-shirt with a suitcase stand under the plane, the plane has closed the door to leave off. Another man also stood on the tarmac, and uniformed staff exchanges. The "Beijing Youth Daily" reporter: they are husband and wife relationship, that is because of personal reasons, led to the wrong machine to break into the apron. May be familiar with do not pay attention to the boarding time, the plane had to shut the door, they think should be on the plane, so they broke into. Solution.相关的主题文章: