The couple work into the factory caught stealing shoes to raise money to do a decent wedding – in th-candle june

The couple work into the factory caught stealing shoes to raise money to do "a decent wedding" – Beijing girlfriend lookout, man stealing. In November 12th, Xu and some of the upcoming wedding couple, by the Wenling Municipal Public Security Bureau of criminal detention. Why did you do that? The two men said they want to earn some money, do a decent wedding. At the end of October, city of Wenling City Public Security Bureau police station received a report within the jurisdiction of the shoe factory, the factory said the shoe was stolen. The police station east of the city surrounding the transfer of monitoring, found a pair of young men and women have a major suspect. The man into the shoe theft woman at the factory gate lookout. After successful, two hand in hand to leave the scene. The morning of November 12th, police in the town of Xu and arrested a will. After investigation, Xu and some are from Guizhou, the first half came to Wenling to work, is a pair of lovers. In the first half, Xu put forward the idea of marriage, Shen only one requirement: I hope to have a decent wedding. But Xu and some are in Wenling local shoe factory workers, wages co.. Xu know, many shoe factories will have their own R & D and many shoe shoe, in order to save the research funding, also in private acquisition. Xu told a girlfriend will steal the idea of the application of a shoe, no objection. In order not to be found, Xu only steal the most valuable one or two. To be arrested, two people have been 22 cases of crime, each with 300 to 600 of the shoe price, sold to other shoe factory boss for imitation. Currently, Xu, Shen suspicion of theft, Wenling Municipal Public Security Bureau has been under criminal detention according to law. Reporter correspondent Ye Meng, Wang Jian, Zhu Lingyun, Chen Dong相关的主题文章: