The deep disaster reduction oil spill disaster – Sohu won the praise of North American premiere Ente

The "deep" disaster reduction oil spill disaster in North American premiere entertainment movie – Sohu won the praise of the ultimate reduction of real events the world premiere in Toronto, rotten tomatoes freshness 82% Sohu entertainment news film "deep catastrophe" by the famous Hollywood director Peter directed by Berg, the "Transformers 4", "turn" and "Tactic bear" actor Mark – starring Wahlberg and producer Dylan "mobile labyrinth" – Obrien, Golden Globe Award for Best Actress – Gina – Rodriguez, Kurt – Russell, the old drama of bone and John Malkovich in the play, with IMAX shooting the ultimate disaster reduction. The film world premiere in Toronto after the harvest praise, at present the "deep" havoc in the world famous film review website Rotten Tomatoes (rotten tomatoes) on the fresh degree is 82%, while the IMDb was an excellent score of 7.7. "Rainbow Night" version of "Titanic" extreme events "deep stirring to restore the true film Shoah" is not a strange story, but based on the real disaster, so the production team even if the problem is limited to time, efforts still vividly in the American history the most serious oil spill cases show on the screen. After 100 minutes of real and extreme shock, film critic website "Joblo" gives a high evaluation: in the Deepwater Horizon as a matter of fact, Peter Berg successfully expressed his own ideas, also proved himself to be the type of movie master, "deep Hao robbery" is moved, is a you should find in your biggest screen watch a movie." It is worth mentioning that the "deep" catastrophe plot is relentless, directly into the life and death situation from the first person perspective. "The Hollywood journal" reporter described: "the film with a large number of explosions, spewing out of the oil, the fireball, the tumbling smoke, broken metal, helicopters in the air, screaming and shouting and a chaotic picture, as if you really in the drilling platform in life is on the line." The American film "The Film Stage" website called "deep" havoc instead of water as a flame, full of flame and the dark depths of the "Titanic". Indeed, the "deep" havoc with real scene reproduction, stimulating performance, so that the most serious oil spill in U. S. history tragedy once again shocked everyone. Peter – Berg will shoot "great quote" Mark – Wahlberg "acting God restored to the viewing experience, Peter Berg and his team will be reduced to the film’s time than the actual story time is less, this increases the urgency of the disaster, the plot flashed without any pause. In addition, the precious limited time in taking part to show the staff’s personal life is in the field of the story, but the writer and director knows how important the British art entertainment website "The List" commented: "director Peter Berg film has been divided into three parts. In the third part, all the routine was broken up, well-known film review website" Den.相关的主题文章: