The driving school to implement the new regulations next month after the first school to pay three f mcncc

The driving school to implement the new regulations next month: first learn to pay after the families was two three days before examination, the Ministry of transport and the Ministry of Public Security jointly issued a new version of the "motor vehicle driver training and teaching and Examination Syllabus", October 1st, driving decreasing period, and after the first pay learning, two subjects three subjects can be taken together, but the training mileage less than 300 kilometers. Insiders said, after the implementation of new regulations, the service level of the whole culture industry will increase, but after the first pay learning is difficult to realize. Changes of 1:C1 reduce 16 hours according to the "teaching and examination of motor vehicle driver training program", the total hours C1 card for 62 hours, the subject of a road traffic safety laws and regulations and relevant knowledge of 12 hours, and two subjects based field driving 16 hours, 24 hours, three subjects road driving safe and civilized driving knowledge 10 hours. The C2 card hours reduced to 60. 23 afternoon, the reporter was informed that the current Ji’nan C1 card and C2 card hours are 78, after the implementation of the new regulations, hours significantly reduced, it is learned that the theoretical study hours reduced, but little change in actual operations. 2 Changes: first learn to pay according to the "driving rules, after the public can learn the license after the first pay learning. Do not pay any fees before passing an examination in the subject, the subject of an examination, and after successful registration, and then choose the class and payment. In accordance with the new regulations, fees are divided into 5 categories, namely the relevant service costs (including teaching fees, etc.), the theoretical knowledge of training fees, basic and field driving training, road driving training, etc.. "It does help to improve the quality of training, but driving hard to accept." Ji’nan, a school principal said, if the students to participate in training to refuse payment, it is easy to cause disputes. Change 3: not necessarily SAST after the division of the new regulations in accordance with the new regulations, starting in October 1st, subjects two and subjects of the test can be together with the three of the test of the two. But the new regulations, the provinces can be targeted driving training mileage to make the relevant requirements, but the minimum of not less than 300 km. In fact, you can now subject two and subjects of the exam together, but we are still accustomed to the subject of the first two subjects and then the subject of three." The industry believes that. 23 afternoon, the reporter learned from the Ji’nan Municipal Transportation Bureau, the Shandong Provincial Department of Transportation Road Transport Bureau will hold a meeting on the 26, when the specific implementation details of the province’s cities will be finalized. (Daily News reporter Wang Jian)相关的主题文章: