The evil Kobe tell you how to defeat the opponent to see this old man!

The evil Kobe tell you how to defeat the opponent? I see this! I’m a genius. Kobe Bryant is definitely an evil genius. A clever evil genius. In an interview, Kobe talked about how to beat the enemy psychologically more quickly, but his approach is not only "bad", and most people will not think. "A lot of teams will be in such a situation, that is they just to the squad for a player to provide a maximum salary contract, at the same time, the two teams may soon enter the free market players, but the team is not and he started the negotiations." "When they play in such a situation, all right, I’m going to have to say what we should do: we will use a double bag to lock the player who hasn’t got a top salary contract. We should try to keep him out of the cell phone. Then get the maximum salary for the players, we will not use the double way, so we can see that the players haven’t got all night in that they have the ball, and see their estrangement even alienated each other. It’s just a tricky trick, and you can do this when you look at your opponent and know where they stand." This means it is clever and cunning, but this is in line with many fans perception of Kobe, he is a killer blood full of Black Mamba, his heart only victory, there is no right or wrong. So there are a lot of fans questioned him and O’neal in the year of enenyuanyuan, but when these two legendary are retired, their personality has become a hot topic forever. (Kong Dexin) more exciting, please pay attention to sports +APP相关的主题文章: