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The FA Cup final Feng Xiaoting injury he still adhere to the consistent style: Feng Xiaoting injury JINGWAH Times News (reporter Zhang Xiaomin) tonight, the last race of the year China football FA Cup will end in Nanjing Olympic sports center. The final two teams Guangzhou Hengda and Jiangsu Suning team first round in Guangzhou at 1 to 1, the second round must be on the road for goals could win the championship to rival. Super League this season, Suning home court 12 wins and 3 draws (scoring 33 goals to lose 10 balls), is integral with the highest winning super home court home court team. Tonight’s contest, Suning can play the biggest home advantage will directly affect the results of the game. For the third consecutive year and won the FA Cup final, in the last season, Suning in the highest stage of the FA Cup on an absolute advantage. In contrast Hengda, super win 9 wins this season, compared to other teams away record (up to a maximum of 6 wins), away from the rival can better reflect the strength advantage. The first round competition, Suning defender Zhou Yun maxillofacial comminuted fracture, the field can play is still unknown, but he played a very strong will; while Hengda ushered in the good news, defender Feng Xiaoting will be back in the field. In yesterday’s pre match press conference, Evergrande captain Zheng Zhi said, the team hopes to use a victory to draw a full stop for the season, the final for anyone will certainly be very nervous. But for Hengda, I can not remember how many times the team face the finals. We are experienced in this respect". Zheng Zhi stressed: This is the key competition, more competition experience, we play the game very confident. He believes that JINGWAH can win on the road times news (reporter Zhang Xiaomin) talked about tomorrow’s game, Hengda coach Scolari said: "we are all very well, we ushered in the return of Feng Xiaoting." When asked whether the second round road is unfavorable, Scolari said: "if you let me choose, I think it is the best to play away first, after playing home court, but I think the advantages and disadvantages of this order is not so obvious, it is important for us to play in their own way, to win the game, both subjective and objective are all the same." For how to limit the other arrow characters, Scolari said: the last game is not in the team, now ushered in his return. I’m still in command of the game as I always do. Jiangsu team to play now and not only rely on three foreign aid, they can achieve such results, is the result of the joint efforts of the team, the other side in each position has a very good player. If we want to win tomorrow, we have to do everything well. Not limited to foreign aid. Our team has been working hard this week. This game will be very difficult, but the more difficult game the more we can play the greatest potential, this is my expectations on teams and players." When asked whether or not to feel the pressure, Scolari bluntly: the last time I came to Nanjing to open a press conference, we have been super champion, but now we have a champion"相关的主题文章: