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The "fat kid" let a person worry (aggregation? National health prescription 4) – Gansu Channel – original title: "fat kid" let a person worry (aggregation? National health prescription 4) "fat kid" doctor also get together no specific weight-loss drugs among young children, because children in compliance is poor. The recurrence rate of obesity is very high in Beijing City, Chaoyang District Kobayashi is a primary school, 8 year old, weighing more than 100 pounds, my mother was very worried. "I like to eat fat, do not love sports." Xiao Lin said. After school, the students are running home, only a person walked slowly Lin. Back home is not moving, finished homework on the bed. Neighbors call him "Xiao pang". Nowadays, more and more "Xiao Pang", his family, neighbors, relatives and friends have. In 2014, the National Physical Fitness Monitoring Bulletin shows that the detection rate of obesity among all age groups has been rising. China student nutrition and health promotion issued the "report" of nutrition and health of children and adolescents Chinese blue show, from 1985 to 2014 of 30 years, our country city boys obesity rate increased from 0.2% to 11.1%. The "fat kid" more and more, some even need to go to hospital for treatment. "In my last few years, almost half of all children are obese." Department of Endocrinology Peking Union Medical College Hospital chief physician Pan Hui said. A little boy at the outpatient consulting room door to enter, his father pulled inside, mother outside kick, to squeeze him. A weighing scale, broken, estimated 500 pounds. There are "small overweight" difficulty walking, cars are not plug into, can only sit in a small cart, pulled by the parents to go to the doctor. Pan Hui analysis, the reasons for overweight adolescents, mostly associated with bad habits. For example, three meals a day without the law, often do not eat breakfast, evening play, eat supper; sleeping all day; when Dinner snacks, eat sweet, spicy, fried food; love watching TV, playing games, overeating. "A lot of people know, you can pipe shut stride leg to control weight, after a period of time, really have the effect, but it is easy to loose rebound." Pan Hui said that children and adolescents are particularly prone to recurrence of obesity, mainly because they are growing, the need for nutritional support, it can not be said to lose weight, can only say that according to the growth and development process to control weight. Young children do not have special effects of weight loss drugs, can only rely on comprehensive behavioral intervention, starting from the diet, exercise, lifestyle, due to poor compliance of children, resulting in a high rate of recurrence of obesity." 14 year old junior high school girl Xiao Jie is a patient of Pan Hui, height of 173 cm, weight of 136.8 kg. From the age of 6, like hamburgers, French fries, cola, since her weight increased about 15 kilograms per year. 2013 summer vacation, she was forced to exercise 2 hours a day, a month after the weight fell by about 9 kg. But after school, Xiao Jie to study busy, no time for an excuse, the exercise plan suspended, and gradually picked up weight. Obese children susceptible to adult disease 80% of obese children will be turned into obese adults. Obese children’s overall intelligence level is lower than normal weight children "fat" does not mean that the body ""相关的主题文章: