The film industry promotion Bill the movie box office intends to false concealed penalty – in the

The film industry promotion Bill: the movie box office intends to double false concealed penalty – Beijing JINGWAH Times News (reporter Sha Xueliang) on the false concealed box office may further increase the intensity of punishment. Yesterday morning, the National People’s Congress Standing Committee to consider the draft film industry promotion law three clear: illegal income of more than $500 thousand, the maximum amount of fines punishable by a fine of five times. Yesterday, the twenty-fourth meeting of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, the film industry promotion law, the proposed review of the third. In August this year submitted by the two reviewers, a clear legal responsibility of false concealed at the box office, but some of the Standing Committee and the departments, provisions of the current punishment is not enough, should be the amount of the fine and the amount of fraud linked to penalty imposed by the times. Therefore, the draft three reviewers to increase the corresponding provisions of the revised terms: "not truthfully statistics film sales income or not accurate statistical data provided by the film correction by the competent departments of the people’s governments above the county level shall order, from fifty thousand yuan to five hundred thousand yuan fine. If the circumstances are serious, they shall be ordered to suspend business for rectification; if the circumstances are especially serious, the original license issuing organ shall revoke the license." In addition, the reporter noted that the actor should have changed expression of deyishuangxin. The draft two reviewers pointed out: "the movie actor and director, practitioners should be in accordance with the requirements of DeYiShuangXin, comply with laws and regulations, respect social ethics, abide by the occupation morality, strengthen self-discipline, establish a good social image." In the three reviewers, "according to the requirements of DeYiShuangXin" to "adhere to deyishuangxin". In view of 1 members of the box office fraud "illegal income" how to define yesterday afternoon, the NPC Standing Committee on the film industry promotion law draft three reviewers in the deliberations, some members of the box office according to the times fraud penalty system question: "illegal income" refers to what? Yang Wei said the committee, the draft three reviewers provisions, illegal income shall be more than one times more than five times the fine. However, the statistical data is not true, it is difficult to determine the number of illegal income. If a movie is false ten million at the box office, this is his ten million volume of false, this "illegal income" is what? In this case, we should choose a more appropriate language to express. Yao Sheng members also believe that the illegal income is worth considering the formulation, which may be more likely to have reported a few newspapers, but their income may be legitimate. Yao Jianmin on behalf of the proposed, the box office fraud, only the provisions of principle can be. Lv Wei proposed to mislead the audience is false at the box office, to solve many other laws and regulations, for example, reporting is to collect taxes, if the tax department can check the underreporting of tax evasion; if false advertising, advertising law. Draft two reviewers stressed the need to accurately statistics the film revenue, which is a long-term problem, or a short-term problem? Other industries will have a similar situation, I think this does not belong to the contents of the film industry promotion law." 2 photography to DeYiShuangXin screenwriter Yang Wei members think, "the actor and director of film practitioners should adhere to DeYiShuangXin" this provision is not comprehensive, in fact the film practitioners not only play.相关的主题文章: