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The first time I see red, it is not a virgin? Sohu – health is also called the hymen, vaginal or urethral valve flap, a circular folds the bottom wall at the junction of the urogenital vestibule and the vagina on. About the theory and function of the hymen exists, anthropological theory is still controversial. What does that mean? What is the hymen, this thing, from the function, the human body does not have what egg. Hymen not long in the vagina inside, where it is in the vagina, the depression at the lower part of the labia majora after (the depth of about 2~3 cm). Complete the general middle hymen hymen hole connected with the irregular vagina, our monthly aunt is outflow from here. Like everyone as each woman’s fingerprints, hymen size and shape, thickness and elasticity are not the same. But there are situations, such as excessive development of hymen fold, with imperforate hymen, namely imperforate hymen, is a relatively common abnormal development in female reproductive organs. If the hymen according to the shape, is the most common and semilunar annular hymen. The hymen umbrella, cribriform hymen is rare. General hymen rupture for many reasons. For example: horse riding, cycling, strenuous exercise or vulva may cause damage by collision, the rupture of hymen. I read less, don’t cheat me! So many girls first boyfriend didn’t see red, the suspect is really too injustice, chastity is for you, you should not believe that is true? Of course, most women still have hymen when first boyfriend and intimate contact and rupture, at the same time accompanied by pain and bleeding, commonly known as "red" or "fall red". Female hymen at the time of delivery will be completely destroyed, the formation of carunculae hymenales. In many cultures, the hymen is intuitive for female moral judgment basis. Especially in China, Chinese distorted "chastity" concept, always let the man have very deep virgin complex. They pay much attention to his mate "complete", so there is a surgery called "hymen repair". Beautiful, also need the hymen? Don’t tease me! Let me enjoy the sex! Can repair the hymen? Want to repair the hymen, is not difficult, usually in the clinic can be completed. According to the clinical severity of the hymen damaged choice of different surgical methods. Surgery usually takes only 30 minutes. The operation process is as follows: 1 with the new 0.1% clean disinfection vulva and vaginal orifice. 2 local infiltration anesthesia with 1% lidocaine. 3 patients ruptured hymen cut out neat wound edge, and then make the suture, hymen can only leave a little finger through the hole. 4 after the completion of the operation of a dab of antibiotic ointment, after every day with 0.1% Bromogeramine cleaning the vulva, to prevent infection, no stitches after hymen repair. For more sex the female hymen repair surgery, surgery may be slightly more complex, vaginal narrowing. But do the hymen repair surgery, patients receiving basic painless, usually 20~30 days can be restored.!相关的主题文章: