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The foreign ministry announced the leadership of marriage information is a good start – Sohu comments according to reports, the day before, the official website of the foreign ministry leadership column has been updated, the eighteen session of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Xie Hangsheng officially became the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the discipline inspection team leader in the Ministry of foreign affairs. At the bottom of your resume, married noted "a son" is quite brisk. This caused widespread public concern. In fact, since Wang Yi served as Minister of the Ministry of foreign affairs, from 2013 onwards, the main diplomatic officials above assistant minister have announced their marriage. Public information the marriage Xie Hangsheng, also followed the traditional "". The Ministry of foreign affairs, this innovation is not accidental. In early 2012, at the eighteen session of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau took over a month, the Xinhua News Agency on the 3 consecutive days of broadcast "top Chinese characters feature new lineup and pictures, first detailed disclosure of the personal experience and the current leader of the family. This was widely interpreted as a leader in the new style of the show, but also highly acclaimed. It is also the official information to strengthen the public, placed more expectations. The significance of leading cadres’ family information disclosure. On the one hand, including the state of marriage, the family belongs to the cadre information, public officials should transfer "privacy" is an important part, it plays an important role in strengthening supervision of power operation. On the other hand, leading cadres to take the initiative to open their own family information to the community, but also conducive to shaping the image of the people, to win the trust of the people. This background, the central leaders to open their own family situation, the first release signal. The Ministry of foreign affairs and then began to indicate the state of marriage in the ministerial leadership resume, also belong to the positive response. Since eighteen, both the "eight provisions" and "six prohibitions" or "anti four winds" by the central and local governments have formed a "leadership, level to level, practicing a path with a dry", and achieved positive results. Today, the Ministry of foreign affairs to take the lead in ministries under the leadership of the Ministry of information released by the official website of marriage, is also the first demonstration. The public also hope that in the horizontal and vertical two dimensions, can guide the "follow up", it can be in the "expansion" charity transfer, open marriage status of conservation leadership into normal atmosphere. In fact, carry out from eighteen since the strict rule of "official", published in leading cadres at all levels of family information is imminent "reform". The first half of 2014, the Central Organization Department issued the "spouse has moved to the country (territory) the post office management measures" national staff, the first clear 5 key positions "naked official" to clean up. This shows that the official family situation has become an important indicator of the management of cadres. The "provision" of leading cadres report personal matters clearly, "spouses and children" and other personal information is above the county level Deputy cadres must report to the organization of personal matters. "Selection and appointment of leading cadres work" also requires the appointment of cadres, is the front office, the personal information should be in a certain range of publicity". These are institutional arrangements. Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the basis of the report to the organization and publicity within a certain range.相关的主题文章: