The Four Side About Application Of Engine Turbocharger

Garrett turbocharger makes use of the exhaust released from the engine to drive the turbo. The working temperature of turbo end would exceed 600 degrees. The rotating speed of turbocharger is very high. In order to ensure the normal working of turbocharger, we should follow the methods below: 1 When launching the engine, it should not step on accelerator pad in rush. Instead, it should drive with idle speed for three minutes. That is to heat up the temperature of oil and improve the liquid flowing feature, and then the engine turbocharger can get full lubrication to speed up the rotating speed of engine for car driving. It is quite important for winter. We have to heat up the car more than 5 minutes. 2 If the engine has run in high speed for a long time, it should be prohibited to cease the fire suddenly. The reason is that: during the running of engine, there would be partial oil to supply for the roller lubrication and coolness of turbocharger. If the engine is suddenly shut down when running, the sharp decrease on the oil pressure would .e back to zero. And the oil lubrication would be stopped. At this time, partial temperature would .e back to the middle. The heat in the supportive gearing could not be quickly brought away. In such case, it would cause the braking stuck between turbocharger and gearing cover, and then the gearing and axis would get damaged. Meanwhile, the engine turbocharger is not suitable for idle running. .monly, the idle running should be kept within 10 minutes. 3 It is important to choose oil. Based on the force by engine turbocharger, the air quality and volume in the burning house would get sharply increased. The engine structure would be tighter and more reasonable. The higher pressure proportion would lift up the working force of engine. The precision requirement of mechanical manufacturing and installation technology would get stricter. At the same time, the inside gadgets of engine turbocharger should endure higher temperature and giant collision. Therefore, when selecting the oil for engine turbocharger, we have to take its special feature into consideration. The utility oil should be with sound feature to defend against friction and high temperature. 4 The engine oil and filter should be clean by the turbo repair kits to prevent the entry of foreign matter. The gap between rolling axis and cover of engine turbocharger is quite small. If the lubrication force decreases, it would cause the early scrapping of turbocharger. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: