The historical evolution of the party’s leadership in the United Front after the founding of new Chi

After the founding of new Chinese Party leadership mode of the historical evolution of the United Front Theory – original title: new Chinese after the establishment of the leadership of the Party united front the historical evolution of the leadership of Communist Party of China insisted in the United Front is the most fundamental problem of the United front. The Party leadership in the United Front changes with the national conditions, social conditions, the new China after the founding of the Party leadership in the United Front has gone through legal protection, policy guidance, highlighting the dominant system and the rule of law four distinctivecharacteristics stage. The first stage (September 1949 – August 1954): the main features of legal protection. The leading role of legal system refers to the proposition of the united front of the party in the form of legislation, promoting the United Front work by law. Chinese people’s Political Consultative Conference common program enacted in 1949 "(hereinafter referred to as the" common program "): composed of representatives of the Communist Party of Chinese, democratic parties, people’s organizations, each region, people’s Liberation Army, all ethnic minorities, overseas Chinese and other patriotic democrats the China people’s political Consultative Conference is the people’s democratic united front organization…… The power of the National People’s Congress shall be implemented by the plenary session of the Chinese people’s Political Consultative Conference before the general assembly of the people’s Republic of china. The meeting adopted the "China people’s Political Consultative Conference Organization Law" in legal provisions: China people’s Political Consultative Conference for the China people’s democratic united front organization, designed by all democratic parties and people’s organizations to unite, unite the whole China democratic class, all ethnic groups work together…… To establish and consolidate an independent, democratic, peaceful, unified and prosperous People’s Republic of China based on the people’s democratic dictatorship led by the working class. Since then has also promulgated a series of relevant legal provisions of the United Front work. It is worth noting that, although the legislation of this period has not formed, in addition to the "common program" Regulations of the CPPCC exercise the functions and powers of the NPC, the provisions of the "law" the Central People’s Government of People’s Republic of China Council of the Central People’s government has formulated and explained the national law, decree powers, which have the legislative power, the legislative authority and how much no clear rules, but the above regulations, rules, measures or CPPCC organizations law authorization, or formulated by the Government Administration Council, and the legal form, validity, content with method therefore can be regarded as legal. Obviously, the United Front Work in this period is mainly through the law to promote and protect. At that time, the leaders attached great importance to rely on the law to promote work. The second stage (September 1954 – December 1989): the main characteristics of policy guidance. Policy is the national and political parties to achieve a certain historical period of the line and the task of the development of guidelines for action. Flexible, timely adjustment is the biggest feature of the policy. The legal protection to the policy, the main reason is that in 1954 the first session of the National People’s Congress promulgated the constitution, the CPPCC ceased to act the functions and powers of the npc. As the preamble to the constitution said: "in the long years of revolution and construction, has been formed under the leadership of the Communist Party of Chinese, the democratic parties and people’s organizations, including all)相关的主题文章: