The Japanese TV show no Chinese Laoniangjiu hardcore

The Japanese TV show no Chinese "Laoniangjiu" hardcore [Abstract] Japan certainly has a similar "Laoniangjiu" such a family dispute TV variety show, but apparently no domestic similar programs so taste rich, not so free. Author: Tang Xinzi (Tencent · all these days WeChat columnist) circle of friends a lot of people in Shanghai to talk about a "new" Laoniangjiu family dispute mediation program, there are a lot of people think that this program is very wonderful, even a public number, think this kind of program should be banned. Tencent news also launched an article on this kind of program, the title is family mediation TV programs are becoming a yellow news production. On the web search on "new" old NianJiu, Baidu video immediately lists of relevant content. The following class: "daughter of filial piety has been to create all sorts of obstacles" "little runaway wife husband and mother-in-law mother slept in a bed" "do you have a wife why let me pregnant three times" "Laoniangjiu" a host of aunt Bai continue to search for "new" Laoniangjiu recently attracted hot programs "in Shanghai the girl was born 94 years of rape three child family no alarm". Open the video, the parties to see the girl’s mother and grandmother personally sitting in the studio, calm and introduce their daughter and granddaughter how many times were raped and gave birth to three children and that the police did not use. Moderators and mediators of his face surprised, shocked, and even publicly took a table as a mediator to restrain anger, then the video also appeared in the black and white two characters: "my mother divorced, mistress of two generations, the tragedy will be repeated." This program on the privacy of the naked naked show me speechless, it is impossible to believe that those who sit in the studio, in the face of the camera to speak loudly, the parties themselves or the families of the parties. This is not really there? I asked my friends in China. Domestic friends replied: it is true. And said that this kind of Mediation Program in the country is very fire, almost every Taiwan has. And asked, "do you know there is a similar TV show in Japan?" Japan, of course, there are family disputes similar to the TV variety show, but apparently not the same kind of domestic programs so rich flavor. Not so free. Because this kind of Japanese family dispute program, generally used pseudonyms and played by an actor, to playback dispute process looks like, family soap opera. Of course, in order to make a difference with soap operas, the parties themselves sometimes appear in the TV program, but the voice and face of the parties will do. As a result, the impact of the program to bring the audience a lot smaller. Of course, in this way, it will protect the privacy of the parties, and protect the dignity of the person as a person. The Japanese animated film "the neighbor Yamadas" stills such as TBS TV has a devoted to the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law variety show, called "family to lumira or so, and clima te Chan’s aunt and married the zeta zeta Chan’s" talking about the same under the eaves of the law of the war, the form of the. But the law of war and China, Japanese law war, basically is "Peacock Flying Southeast" version, most of the complaints how unruly mother-in-law daughter-in-law to bully him. Previously.相关的主题文章: