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News-and-Society Every brand has a story to tell. But for luxury eyewear brand Oliver Peoples, its backstory is as unique and distinct as its designs. Before Oliver Peoples sunglasses and reading glasses became globally recognised in many different places, the brand traces its roots to the establishment of an optical boutique by the brothers Larry and Dennis Leight in Hollywood. Later on, the brothers were able to purchase a lot of American-made vintage eyewear from a liquidator in a different state. The items in the lot were in pristine condition and had varied designs ranging from rimless to metal frames. The eyewear .pany got its name — Oliver Peoples — from the name prominently printed with the receipts and other documents found along with the lot of eyewear they purchased. Later on, the brothers discovered that the person behind the name has long been deceased. The name was adapted in honour of the person. Initially, the brothers only sold the frames. But with the warm reception from consumers, the two endeavoured to produce their own eyewear, taking inspiration from the designs of the items found in the original lot they purchased. Larry Leight stated "We felt that we wanted to be inspired to design our own eyewear that reflected Los Angeles, but was more from American design, was more was done at the Machine Age," as the creative director of their brand. Eyewear from the brand was initially showcased to the public through a magazine cover for the German version of Vogue which had the American artist Andy Warhol wearing a quirky pair of glasses from Oliver Peoples. From then on, sunglasses and optical frames from the brand were featured successively in a variety of fashion magazines. Apart from .fort, eyewear produced by Oliver Peoples are known for their quirky and unique designs. Although they have a wide variety of styles, frames, lenses, shapes, textures and colours, the .mon thread among their products is the unique .bination of old-school glamour and modern-day edge. First-time buyers will also notice that the eyewear brand does not utilise logos that can be prominently seen in other brands. "We wanted our product to speak for ourselves and to be able to be recognised for its design and we wanted word of mouth," Larry Leight explains. And other than the brand’s world-wide popularity, the greatest achievement that it has received is its creative directors’ recognition from their peers. Larry Leight is one of the first designers of fashionable eyewear to be elected to a seat in the Council of Fashion Designers of America or CDFA, and he has also acted as a consultant for other major eyewear brands such as Miu Miu, Vera Wang, and Prada. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: