The list of members of swin-s’s first exposure to debut with Coco Lee usher on –

The list of members of SWIN-S’s first exposure to debut with Coco Lee Usher on the same stage – Beijing early in the national day, in accordance with the combination of SWIN sea culture’s debut of the news in the circle caused no small vibration, the specific composition and further trends has always been cited, all speculation are. The long-awaited, today this mystery was finally opened, the music team SWIN-S by Liu Ye, Zhao Pinlin, Yu Gengyin, Cai Xukun, He Yifan, I put the wood of 6 members, members of the SWIN-E film team will debut at the October 18th SWIN conference officially announced. The official news also revealed that the six members of SWIN-S will be determined from tomorrow (October 9th) left for home, and will be invited to attend the October 14th held in Shanghai Oriental Sports Center of the world’s top fashion music festival Fashion Rocks, in addition to offering the opening dance performances, will debut Shangguan catwalk links?. It is worth mentioning that the Fashion Rocks, CoCo Coco Lee, R& B; King Usher, British singer songwriter Charli XCX, the world’s top musicians will come together, SWIN-S to be invited with the king and queen of the same stage, the stage is a high starting point. It is reported that Fashion Rocks is the value of the new military into SWIN-S in the new force in the great potential and strength, and China and South Korea’s top training background, hoping SWIN-S can inject fresh and vigorous blood for Fashion Rocks, in the name of Beijing Youth Music, dance song at the burning explosion stage. Since in the beginning of SWIN-S rhetoric "only to fight the strength to create the outcome, Chinese creative positive energy music", C-pop industry jiexin. Fashion Rocks as SWIN-S’s stage debut, is undoubtedly the comprehensive strength of the first exam, they can bring what kind of surprise stage for everyone, please look forward to!相关的主题文章: