The local heavy rain cold air eastward south south high temperature will end in –

The local heavy rain cold air eastward south south high temperature will end – Beijing Chinese weather network news yesterday (24 days), affected by cold air, the northern part of the region began to rain. The next three cold air will continue eastward and southward, from north to South China will see a process of precipitation, heavy rain in some areas; after the rain, our overall temperature will decrease, the south hot days will end. In the second half of the first round of cold air hit the northern part of the local heavy rain yesterday, the second half of this year, the impact of China’s first round of cold air strikes, the northern region, especially Gansu, Qinghai and other places to usher in rainfall. Monitoring data show that the last 05 to 05 today, southern Gansu, central Shaanxi, Hainan youth department, Shaanxi central and southern Hebei to the moderate to heavy rain, which Hebei, Huanghua daily rainfall of 148.4 mm, up to the level of heavy rainstorm. At the same time in the northeast region, Jilin unique, yesterday, a heavy rain, but also the country’s largest provincial capital city, the cumulative rainfall reached 52 mm. Yesterday, Gansu Gannan sudden rain hail, many houses were destroyed. With the cold air continues eastward south, today in China from the north to the south there is a precipitation process, is expected to 25 to 27, the southern North China, Huang Huai, Jianghan, South Western, Southwest China, and Southern China, from the north to the south, there will be a moderate to heavy rainfall, heavy rain in some areas or rainstorm, severe convection and thunderstorms and other weather and heavy rainfall in some areas above, hour rainfall from 20 to 50 mm. Among them, today’s rainfall mainly concentrated in Shandong, Henan, Hunan and other places. The central meteorological station is expected to 26, 08, 25, 08, northern Shandong, Western Huang Huai, Jianghan Midwest, South West, southern Shaanxi, southwestern Sichuan basin, Eastern Jilin and other places have moderate to heavy rain, the local area of northern Shandong, Western Hubei, northern Hunan and other places with heavy rain or heavy rain (100 ~ 120 mm), these local and accompanied by strong convective short-time strong precipitation, thunderstorms or hail and other weather. Tomorrow, the cold air across the Yangtze River, southern rainfall enhancement, rainfall center will be moved to the south of the Yangtze River, the north area is gradually restored to the fine weather. The South will be the end of the minimum temperature in the north or fall to 10 degrees after the rain, the north and South temperatures will drop significantly. The northern region gradually usher in autumn, the lowest temperature or below 10 DEG C; southern hot weather was "rescued", tomorrow the temperature range will be substantially reduced, 27 disappeared. Since August 11th, the high temperature in the South continued today, a wide range of hot weather will continue. To this end, the Central Meteorological Observatory issued a yellow warning temperature, is expected to 25 during the day, the Sichuan basin, Chongqing, Jianghan, JAC southwestern, central Southern China and other places in northern and Eastern Guizhou, southern, high temperatures above 35 degrees, the Sichuan basin, Eastern Chongqing, Eastern Guizhou Hunan, Western and southeastern Jiangxi, Western and northeastern Zhejiang, central and southern, northern Fujian, northern Guangxi and other places of maximum temperatures up to 37 to 40 DEG C. Tomorrow with the cold air.相关的主题文章: