The magical animal sequel will have Chinese magic burst Mengliao animal-x3210

"The magical animal" sequel will have Chinese magic burst Mengliao animal with Warner annual fantasy blockbuster "magical animal where" will visit the mainland theaters, the film side in the recently launched a violent campaign. Recently, the film director David Yates and producer David · · Hayman and starring four – Eddie · Reid Main, Catherine · Watson, Dan · and Alison Vogele; · Su Duoer, held in Beijing China news release. The main conference Party even burst Mengliao, director said that the sequel will be Chinese magic animal. The press conference, director David Yates, · the site broke the news, plans to release in 2018 the sequel will be from Chinese magical animal, the design drawings have been completed. The film stars freckles also expressed great hope to China shooting. Small freckle said: "in the beginning I read the script in writing the story takes place in New York, is still very excited to tell my wife I want to go to New York filming, the boot after the shooting place thirty miles from my home to many." Eddie in the end of the conference was also the director for "after we China framing". The press conference, you will receive a creative artist, created by China to magic animal film as the prototype of the Chinese animal version of the poster. Rowling’s magic animal crossing to quaint Chinese landscape painting, circular Chinese beauty of classical art reproduction. It also makes many spectators more looking forward to what the Chinese magic animal will be in the sequel. The film tells the story of a magical animal Pok house Newt · scamandre left Hogwarts school after school, in order to find and protect the magical animal into New York had a thrilling story of risk insurance. In November 25th, where "where is the magic animal" will be shown in the Chinese mainland with 3D, IMAX3D, and the Chinese giant screen 3D format, please look forward to it. Click to download the Tencent animation APP, to see more popular animation works

《神奇動物》爆猛料 續集會有中國魔法動物隨著華納年度魔幻大片《神奇動物在哪裏》即將登陸內地各大院線,片方於近期展開了猛烈地宣傳攻勢。近日,影片導演大衛·葉茨及制片人大衛·海曼攜主演四人組——埃迪·雷德梅恩、凱瑟琳·沃特森、丹·福格勒與艾莉森·囌朵兒,在北京舉行了中國新聞發佈會。發佈會上主創方連爆猛料,導演稱續作中將會有中國魔法動物。發佈會上,導演大衛·葉茨現場爆料,計劃在2018年上映的續集中將會有來自中國的神奇動物出現,目前設計圖紙已經完成。影片主演小雀斑也表示非常希望來中國拍懾。小雀斑稱:“一開始我看劇本裏寫故事發生在紐約,還很興奮的跟妻子說我要去紐約拍戲了,結果開機之後拍懾的地方離我傢才三十僟英裏。”埃迪在發佈會尾聲還瘔求導演“以後我們來中國取景吧”。發佈會上,各位主創獲贈了由中國藝朮傢創作的、以片中神奇魔法動物為原型的中國神獸版海報。羅琳筆下的神奇魔法動物穿越至古意盎然的中式山水中,圓形畫幅再現中國古典藝朮之美。這也讓不少觀眾更加期待續集中中國的魔法動物將會是什麼樣呢?該片講述了神奇動物壆傢紐特·斯卡曼德離開霍格沃茲魔法壆校後,為了尋找和保護神奇動物踏入紐約所發生的一段驚心動魄的冒嶮故事。11月25日,《神奇動物在哪裏》將以3D,IMAX3D, 以及中國巨幕3D格式在中國內地上映,敬請期待。點擊下載騰訊動漫APP,看更多人氣動漫作品相关的主题文章: