The man smoking on public transport in Wuhan was to discourage kuangpen driver with fire extinguishe

The man on the bus was to discourage smoking in Wuhan get the fire extinguisher kuangpen driver man got into the cab driver was sprayed with a face of dust yesterday, a man smoking in the bus, the driver was two times to discourage angry, holding a fire extinguisher to other passengers and the driver kuangpen threat. At 11:32 yesterday, 709 Road No. 335 driver Xia Chao driving through the fruit lake station, a more than and 20 year old yellow car and youth to the bridge behind the seat. Driving out of the station, Xia Chao through the mirror to see the yellow man is smoking, immediately discouraged, but yellow men change to the front seat next to the door to smoke. At this time the vehicle has arrived at the station, Xia Chao will stop after the car, continue to discourage good words, the other party still ignored. Passengers can not see past a few criticisms, yellow men suddenly got up and picked up a fire extinguisher, rushed to the car behind the threat to other passengers, passengers shouting. Super summer immediately opened the door to evacuate passengers, at the same time at the Yellow man. Yellow male smoke fire extinguisher bolt to a super summer kuangpen, summer Super Dodge sprayed with a face full of dust, clutching his eyes off. Slow after God, chao chao quickly call the police. The yellow man sitting in the driver cab, try to start the car. Want the car to stop over the summer, yellow male and pick up the fire extinguisher at him, Xia Chao had to compromise with you, "Mo excited, as long as you leave the cab I will not come." A yellow man pulled out the keys into the box, then hold the fire extinguisher off. The reporter sees in the afternoon of summer overtime, he said, he opened the bus for 3 years, this is the first time to meet people.相关的主题文章: