The man was drunk bacchanal down the street naked girl-kaya scodelario

The man was drunk bacchanal Street streaking chasing girls if this person drink, do something fantastic, in the hot eye SUDI road scene, in the depth of night, a man drinking drunk, naked on the road to drink, after receiving the alarm, Yongan police station rushed to the scene immediately. The drunk man, the car license plate to take off on the side of the road, naked chasing female comrade. After seeing the police, the man was stunned for a moment, and then continue to pull a white car door. Police immediately stepped forward to stop. The police used to let the men put on clothes, the clothes man initially took it, and then suddenly thrown at the police. No matter how the police persuasion, the man is not willing to wear clothes, kept nagging, can not hear clearly what to say. Due to the increasing number of people at the scene, helpless, the police can only control the man, back to the police station. After the police investigation to understand, he is drinking too much wine, what they do have forgotten. Police, very sorry man sober. Police are also on the conduct of men’s education. Here we also advise the majority of residents drink must apply if friends or colleagues drink much, someone should care, his security to the home. (Editor: Cao Lujie) editor: Qu Kun SN117相关的主题文章: