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"The Mekong" Film Festival debut Dante Lam Silk Road off of Sohu "entertainment shooting action" Xi’an Mekong conference director Lin Chaoxian unveiled a Sohu carrying all the creative entertainment news produced by the Bona film group, Huang Jianxin, producer Liang Fengying, Dante Lam directed, Zhang Hanyu, Eddie Peng, Feng Wenjuan, Wu Xudong starred in the "Mekong River action" on September 30, 2016, the "battle" national archives. In September 23rd, the film’s creative invited to attend the closing ceremony of the third session of the Silk Road International Film Festival, and held a press conference in Xi’an in the morning, director Lin Chaoxian, starring Eddie Peng and played in the film "drug squad member Feng Wenjuan, Liu Xianda at the core. The conference site, the film side shock released "action" video footage of the Mekong China is a fair, video "almighty director Dante Lam led the Almighty soldiers fought in the studio. Director Lin Chaoxian is also at the press conference and share the story behind the "action" of the Mekong River, depth decryption difficulties encountered during the shooting; and Eddie Peng at the scene said he is willing to try any challenging roles. Lin Chaoxian secret "action" of the Mekong River is also filming a fair Chinese movie "spare no effort the Mekong River action" adapted from the shock of the world’s 10.5 Mekong transnational major, five years ago, it can be successfully cracked, not only to give away the respect of life, it is also a fair and Chinese. The director of the situation as Dante Lam said at the press conference: "13 overseas compatriots murdered the innocent, such an unjust case in front of each Chinese heart will be filled with anger. Although it has taken a lot of gangster films, but the meaning of the movie is very different, this movie is telling us that the China citizens regardless of where, countries have the strength and ability to protect them, justice for them." In the conference site, the film side open "China a fair" video footage, in addition to more exposure of film footage, but also for the first time "deep secret action" behind the scenes of the Mekong river. For three years, only to be able to make the film showing the real scene, as Chinese get justice, Lin Chaoxian led the group to return to the scene of a hundred people, after a number of geological landscape travel over land and water, visited several times the Mekong River, even in a drug dealer village; and during the shoot, but suffered the viewfinder changeable weather, terrain the complex, frequently hit by tropical obstacles etc.. The press conference, talking about pay during the filming of hard work, the director Dante Lam said: "all the experience before giving to this movie, the movie a lot I have faced is the first attempt. This time, the Mekong River action from the beginning of the preparations, it is expected to be an unprecedented hard practice." Eddie Peng also said: "we all thought Lin Dao beat a very good gangster action movie, but the film is not only the action, feelings of the line is very exquisite, the director of the play every role emotional details are expressed in the face of brotherhood, loved ones and friends how to choose. Very good." Lin Chaoxian said he was grateful for his hard work, he was very honored to have the opportunity to shoot according to the Chinese police.相关的主题文章: