The mighty domineering garrison organized armed forces joint

The mighty domineering garrison organized armed forces joint exercise troops stationed in Hongkong on the morning of October 31st, Hongkong Qingshan comprehensive training field organization "Xiangjiang guards -2016D" joint military exercises, the overall combat capability of troops combat training and test results, demonstrates the determination and ability to garrison to defend the security of the Hongkong special administrative region.   10:30, exercise officially started. Exercise a potential molecular secret idea to occupy Hongkong Qingshan area, formed a "scorpion" commando, implement opportunistic infiltration and sabotage activities. According to superior command, troops stationed in Hongkong pumping group armed elite forces into joint combat group, running against potential militants and wipe out the camp task. Joint reconnaissance operations first launched joint reconnaissance operations. The infantry launched photoelectric jamming bomb, the implementation of the enemy jamming. 4 aircraft, nine helicopters scrambled fighter pilots take a dive attack way launch rocket, enemy aerial strike, destroy the enemy artillery positions. Ground fire team to conduct smoke screen to cover ground units after the enemy left confused attack team consisting of 4 potential infantry fighting vehicles rapid battle formation, the use of vehicle cannon and parallel machine gun pillboxes to strike 10 enemy heights. Armored infantry rushed into battle, the use of heavy weapons attack on the enemy bunker and firepower, successfully destroyed enemy bunker and much firepower. The armored vehicle launched missiles, 1600 meters high of enemy armored targets precision strikes! On the road around the fire shield, combatants aboard vehicles consisting of high-speed road warriors attack team dart, using heavy machine gun fire against enemy fire at the foot of the mountain line, then, to attack the enemy in depth. The commandos in enemy positions in depth implementation of downhill and landing, take wing attack, fire zhuijian, troops hunting tactics, destroy the enemy’s. Military helicopters fired arrow air, attack the enemy fled. The special team stormed down a steep hill roundabout attack, successfully seize and destroy enemy command, wiped out. Hongkong garrison chief of staff He Qimao said the joint exercise, the battlefield environment is complex, realistic, exercise subjects close combat, a comprehensive examination of the organization and command of commander and the ability to carry out the task force. The director of the Hongkong Correctional Services Department Xu Zizhao said on exercise impression very deep, believe that the garrison can fulfill the responsibility of the state to protect Hongkong, protect the very professional. The exercise is part of the "Hong Kong Garrison guard -2016" series of live ammunition exercises, with armed action as the main content, focused on training in the joint reconnaissance, fire assault, the enemy launched a letter, etc., into the impact force of Weijian action, navy and air force troops to force firepower to showcase. In recent years, the actual combat training results. Editor: the flourishing SN123相关的主题文章: