The mother return train ticket to cure children suffered telecommunications fraud cheated 60

The mother return train ticket to cure children suffered telecommunications fraud cheated 60 thousand – Sohu news core tips Shu holding the arms of microcephaly, a son, 29 year old Tang Ailian not to curse the phone fraud, but with a calm tone about the whole after being cheated. Her side of the mother-in-law, had tears, sobbing. At noon on August 23rd, to the online booking train tickets, Tang Ailian suffered telecommunications fraud, cheated 60 thousand yuan bank card on the go. And the money, she gave her son to see a doctor for severe cerebral palsy. The money, she is half through easy to raise raise, while the other half is three and the village folks borrow all around five pieces to put together…… Now, a little bit of hope that Tang Ailian burns is turning into despair. Just watch from the delivery room, she received her son’s notice yesterday morning 10 pm, the reporter saw Tang Ailian in the embrace of the child Zheng Dasan Affiliated Hospital of cerebral palsy rehabilitation center downstairs. At this point, she had just finished in the end of the son of the traditional Chinese medicine treatment. In her arms the son smelly slightly abnormal, its head is small and sharp, seems to have been in bed, without even the occasional crying, let the slobber flow. "Now smelly left completely blind, the right eye can only open a line, see near the distance of 35 meters. Although he was one year old, but with the intelligence of two or three month old children, will not sit nor stand up." Tang Eileen side for the son to clean the mouth water said. Tang Ailian said, they are Tang Zhuang village Shenqiu County Shicao village in Zhoukou city. In July 18th last year, she was in Shenqiu county hospital to produce smelly. "I pushed out from the operation room, that was born the son of a notice under the terminally ill. The doctor said he was microcephaly, let us give up……" 46 days later, Tang Ailian and her husband Wang Yilong took his son to the provincial capital of a large hospital, the doctor also advised them to give up. The doctor said the child severe cerebral palsy, there is no hope of cure, but we still choose to carry hard, looking forward to a miracle." The child’s grandmother said Liuqin pay. Tang Ailian said that she is most afraid of waking up every day, because my eyes went back to reality torture. But she and her family as much as possible to create conditions for children to recover. "In the world so many meet, only you this one, let me want to defend desperately. Baby, mom would lose all change your world health! Wish you, healthy and happy!" This is in February this year, Tang Ailian issued a WeChat. Event 60 thousand life-saving money, almost all of the children were cheated of the disease, so that the house was filled with joy in the dark. Tang Ailian dropped weight 40 pounds, and her 48 year old mother-in-law is full of white hair, a lot of tears. Although the day is full of suffering, but the Tang Ailian family is slowly holding live, some time ago, a neighboring village villagers said their children’s cerebral palsy, a half years old through rehabilitation treatment is now capable of self-care, which rekindled the hope of our children. We do not have, the family is entirely dependent on her husband and father in Zhengzhou to work to earn money." Tang Ailian looking for friends and relatives to borrow money, one side launched a relaxed online. "Loans, villagers donations, and easily raise.相关的主题文章: