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The name for the eSports team Dota2 Wings Champion Award finalists Laurence Wings gaming clan members of this group of pictures by respondents for map "2016 China ten Laurence Championships Award" in Beijing announced the day before the awards shortlist, this list is not a star studded Olympic champion sports stars, the Rio Olympic diving gold double king, Chongqing and sister Shi Tingmao Wu Minxia is the best combination of award candidate one, the Rio Olympic Taekwondo Championship, Southwestern University 2013 grade students majoring in sports training Zhao Shuai has won the Best Newcomer Award and best breakthrough awards with two nominations. But in all 11 awards 55 candidates, the most special is the most interesting is Wings from Chongqing gaming clan, they will be with Zou Shiming, Ding Junhui, Ke Jie, Zhang for the best non Olympic athletes award. In the outside world, gaming circles by the Traditional Sports Awards attention is undoubtedly the gaming culture is gradually reflected strong recognition of the mainstream culture of the. "Ding Junhui Zou Shiming and the competition China ten Laurence Championships Award" is known as the "sports Oscar" called "Laurence World Sports Award" and the long history of the "top ten athletes China sports selection combining born from 2004 to 2011 for the selection of the 8 session. This year the awards start, the awards ceremony will be held on December 15th in Beijing new TV station BTV theatre. According to organizers, the Chinese ten Laurence Championships Award "will be selected the best male and female athletes, the most popular male and female athletes, best newcomer, best breakthrough, the best coach, the best team, the best athletes with disabilities, the best non Olympic mobilization, the best combination of 11 awards. Each awards 5 candidates in the primaries by popular vote, the number of votes to enter the top 3 awards check stage by the review committee of the internal vote, the final winners will be announced at the awards ceremony next month. Malone, Sun Yang, Han Tianyu, Chen long and Long Qingquan nominated for best male athlete award, best female athlete of the year will be in the middle of Zhu Ting, Wu Minxia, Ding Ning, Liu Hong and Chen Ruolin was born. The Wings team in August this year in the United States won the TI6 World Championship and win the $62 million 230 thousand top prize in the history, it is also an achievement that they become the best candidate for non Olympic athletes, but this award is very competitive, because their competitors are world champions: Billiards champion Ding Junhui, just the first Zou Shiming won the world champion gold belt, the world’s youngest chess crown three kija, 2016 speed skating world champion relaxation. Appreciate the mainstream sports recognized as everyone knows, can be nominated for Sports Awards are the mainstream of traditional sports, especially China advantage project. Therefore, the finalists Wings caused no small repercussions in gaming circles. Wings wrote on the official micro-blog Club: "gaming as a sport, has been accepted by the mainstream of traditional sports, electronic sports has become more and more better. Please cheer for Wings, cheer for China gaming." Reporters yesterday contacted Win.相关的主题文章: