The new chairman of the CSRC and the stock market have long ago stressed the risk of controlling Soh 3344111

The new chairman of CSRC and the stock market has long origin has repeatedly stressed the risk control of Sohu – news of the past year, A shares experienced the crazy bull market, but also to feel the worst bear market, the Commission has repeatedly been pushed public opinion in the teeth of the storm. Again and again in the rumors after the Commission welcomed the new president – former chairman of the Agricultural Bank of Liu Shiyu, the new "A stock keeper" and the stock market has become the focus of several intimate contact investors are concerned. Of course, they are more concerned about the impact on the trend of A shares of the regulatory change. Public data shows, Liu Shiyu has worked in the Shanghai City Economic System Reform Office of the State Council, the reform of economic system of the people’s Bank of China Construction Bank, Chinese Chinese and Chinese agricultural bank. Reporters noted that Liu Shiyu has made some remarks in public speech, the capital market in the content is more rare, recently declared a relatively detailed, dates back to 2014 May. At that time, the State Council issued the "opinions on further promoting the healthy development of the capital market" (hereinafter referred to as the new nine countries). Liu Shiyu then in Tsinghua Wudaokou global financial forum said that the release of the new country nine, means that China’s capital market will enter a new stage of development. He believes that the core of solving the problems in the capital market is to develop the multi-level capital market. In fact, although there are not many points of view, Liu Shiyu and stock market have a long history. In July 2004, Liu Shiyu was promoted to assistant governor of the central bank. In charge of the financial stability bureau, the people’s Bank to participate in the "Delong" risk disposal, Nanfang Securities risk disposal as an opportunity to promote the system with the foundation of the securities market, the Commission to properly dispose of 28 high-risk securities companies. Reporters noted that, Liu Shiyu is not much public statement, involving financial risk control content appears frequently. Liu Shiyu has suggested that some listed companies also engage in so-called financial and financial services industry chain, this is worthy of scrutiny, "this money is usury, and the entity itself does not conform to the." He warned that some of the financial innovations at that time were actually evasion of regulation, evasion of risk provision, insurance capital constraints, credit guidelines, taxes, etc.. In this context, Liu Shiyu believes that the focus of the next stage of financial market development and innovation is determined to rectify the financial services industry and the various types of financial services, or vulnerable to investors chasing short-term oriented Gregory, not the pursuit of long-term return trend, have enormous spillover effects on the development of capital market. In fact, Liu Shiyu’s most high-profile statement in recent years is the view of the balance treasure. Cause between this bank and Alipay’s balance of treasure before the war, Liu Shiyu had pointed out that the balance of financial innovation treasure is not just simply move to the Internet deposits, nor what contribution to the real economy, this view has caused great controversy at the time. The Commission after the previous coaching performance of A shares (%) in the first week of the first month (%) (%) 4.46 -8.08 Liu Hongru 2.53 Zhou Daojiong 2.67 Zhou Zhengqing 4.76 -3.01 2 "

证监会新主席和股市早有渊源 屡次强调风险把控-搜狐新闻  过去一年多时间,A股经历了牛市的疯狂,也感受了熊市的惨烈,证监会屡屡被推向舆论的风口浪尖。   在一次又一次的传闻以后,证监会迎来了新一任主席――原农业银行董事长刘士余,新任“A股守护者”与股市的数次亲密接触也成为股民们关注的焦点。当然,他们更关注监管部门换帅对A股走势的影响。   公开资料显示,刘士余先后工作于上海市经济体制改革办公室、国家经济体制改革委员会、中国建设银行、中国人民银行和中国农业银行。   记者注意到,刘士余鲜有在公开场合发表言论,言论中资本市场的内容更为少见,最近一次相对详细的表态,还要追溯到2014年的5月。当时的背景是,国务院发布了《关于进一步促进资本市场健康发展的若干意见》(以下简称新国九条)。刘士余随后在清华五道口全球金融论坛上表示,新国九条的发布,意味着中国资本市场会进入新的发展阶段。他认为,解决资本市场各种问题的核心是把多层次资本市场发展起来。   实际上,虽然相关观点不多,刘士余和股市却早有渊源。2004年7月,刘士余升任央行行长助理。在主管金融稳定局期间,人民银行参与“德隆系”风险处置工作、以南方证券风险处置为契机推动证券市场基础性制度建设、配合证监会妥善处置28家高风险证券公司。   记者注意到,刘士余在并不多的公开表态中,涉及金融风险控制的内容频频出现。刘士余曾提出,部分上市公司也搞所谓的理财和产业链金融服务,这个做法值得推敲,“这种理财就是在放高利贷,和实体公司本身行为不符合。”他警示,当时的某些金融创新,实际上是逃避监管,逃避风险拨备、保险资本约束、信贷指引、税收等。   在这样的背景下,刘士余认为,下一阶段金融市场发展和创新的重点之一是要下定决心整顿金融同业业务和各类理财业务,否则极易把投资者导向追逐短期高利、不追求长期回报的趋势,对资本市场的发展产生极大的溢出效应。   实际上,刘士余近年来最受瞩目的一个表态是对于余额宝的观点。在此前银行与支付宝之间引发的余额宝大战中,刘士余就曾指出余额宝不是金融创新,只是简单地把存款搬到互联网,对实体经济也没什么贡献,这一观点在当时引发了极大争议。   证监会历次换帅后   A股表现   次日(%) 首周(%) 首月(%)   刘鸿儒 2.53 4.46 -8.08   周道炯 2.67 4.76 -3.01   周正庆 2.47 6.45 9.55   周小川 -0.09 -4.64 6.86   尚福林 -0.21 2.22 -5.66   郭树清 -1.68 2.19 -3.17   肖钢卸任证监会主席的消息公布后,股民难免对本周一乃至全周行情产生遐想。对此,不妨看看肖钢之前的六任证监会主席离任后的首日、首周、首月市场表现(见上表)。   记者详细梳理后发现,证监会6次换帅后第一周A股5次出现上涨。《每日经济新闻》相关的主题文章: