The new report! Speed new Indoorsman launched in January agogoktv

The new report! "Speed" has now started in January July Indoorsman – has been gradually approaching to the end, I believe that many fans began to pay attention to the next some animation show? As one of the most successful sports work in recent years, "speed Indoorsman" after the announcement of the third season has caused a lot of fans attention. Recently, the official confirmed that this work will be scheduled for January next year, and announced the latest publicity map. In the picture, we see the face of a total of north high school players in the face of a confident smile. And once looked very negative hero, and now also seems to be a cheerful boy, this growth is absolutely gratifying. In this regard, many domestic users began to poison milk, said: do you have other works to fight for second?" "Well, next year’s January hegemony will be fixed." "Sell a guaranteed ten thousand no problem?" So what exactly is the work that makes you happy? Tencent animation will continue to focus on. The work, there are many rich and colorful personality role for our friendship, staged a competition, enemies of the blood war, high speed bicycle brings is to give people the heartbeat of pleasure and asphyxia. This is the greatest charm of the works. Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章: