The new season is still bad! The Lakers were three less likely to turn up (video)

The new season is still bad! A couplet is cut the Lakers lost three over the Lakers career ended may Yi Jianlian averaged 3 points and 2.5 rebounds that was cut in October 24th news sports Tencent NBA regular season is coming, but Yi Jianlian volunteered to be cut, finally, the team did not enter the list of 15 people, perhaps from the preseason, Thomas Robinson’s performance is better, but the new season, the Lakers won’t because of the presence of Robinson immediately returned to the playoffs in the recovery. Yi Jianlian volunteered to be cut out of the preseason, the Lakers played 8 games, during which they had only a record of 2 wins and 6 losses. This is a team that is still struggling to rebuild, or an immature team, as media experts predict. In the face of warriors, they can lose 27 points in the second half, facing the sun, they can have a 23 error. Although the data, Thomas Robinson of the preseason is stronger than Yi Jianlian, but I have to say that this is the fifth year Robinson occupation career, before the four season, he had 5 teams played for the king, rockets, Portland, 76 people, the nets, if Robinson really so well, he will not be removed so many teams. NBA is not the most is the lack of Thomas Robinson as he looks inside players, gifted, long limbs, and sturdy, has excellent athletic ability, even once was known as the small Dwight – Howard Thomas – Robinson, but not low attack ability, shooting is very unstable, defense no people think. To some extent, he and Black have some overlap. Maybe leaving Yi Jianlian will not make a big difference in the Lakers’ record, but tactically, it’s very good for the Lakers’ future. Little Walton hopes the warrior’s tactical system, the team culture to the purple legion. But in the last season, the Warriors team, in addition to the hard line as the center, Green, such as the Almighty warrior, as well as the opening of the space inside the tower, such as Spec. If Yi Jianlian left behind, he can act as an outside of the fort, Clarkson, Russell et al. When the assault under the basket, there will be more space. At the same time, Yi Jianlian also and Mozgov, Randall, Nancy and Black et al partner at the Twin Towers squad. Yi Jianlian is currently the Lakers, shooting the best players, and a kind of system is that space warrior, if Yi Jianlian in the Lakers, Mozgov and Randall can make it easier. Although there is no stay in the Lakers, but one thing is certain, the United Arab Emirates in the Lakers is definitely hard enough. Prior to an interview, Walton also revealed that the Arab League will not complain to work hard, less time because only to develop new. If the United Arab League to stay in the Lakers, even if not playing, he can also play a leading role for a young team, they need an example. Of course, as has been said before, the Lakers lineup is there, their record will not be Thomas – Robinson left, Yi Jianlian was cut and changed too much. The new season, the Lakers still.相关的主题文章: