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The 54 cities signed the new housing contract volume last week, which has been renewed for nearly half a year. The new low regulation is only three weeks away, excluding eleven holidays. The number of new housing signing in the 54 Main Cities of the country has been refreshing for the past six months. According to the statistical data of Zhongyuan Real Estate Research Center, last week, the total volume of 54 cities was only 58373 sets, which is second times in recent March, which has fallen below 60 thousand sets in a single week, especially the second tier cities have been hovering around 30 thousand sets for 3 consecutive weeks. By the end of October 23rd, the total of the 54 cities were 191254 sets of new houses, and the number of contracts signed in the same period in September was 216933, and the volume of turnover was 12%. In August, 54 cities took only 13 days to deal with 215900 new homes. On the whole, with the change of the signing period, some cities gradually began to appear the phenomenon of transaction reduction due to the regulation and release after the release of the restricted purchase last vehicle effect. Zhang Dawei, chief analyst of Zhongyuan Real estate, also pointed out that according to the investigation of some large intermediary companies and developers, the volume of the first and second tier cities dropped by nearly 4, and the market could be cooled rapidly. At the same time, in Beijing, the most stringent purchase policy, new housing (including housing) last week signed a total of 1311 sets, down 19% from 1617 sets in the same period in September. Second hand house housing signed 13600 sets, while the same period in September was 20913 sets, also appeared a significant decline. "Although the net is not completely market reaction after the new deal, but on the whole, the market has entered the downstream channel." People in the industry pointed out that "the situation in November is expected to be worse." Zhang Dawei also predicted that the housing prices in Beijing will cool down rapidly, and the fourth quarter will obviously slow down. After a large supply of housing, the price of some areas is likely to adjust. Beijing real estate market trading structure in October gradually transferred to small and medium size, the high-end market has been affected by the policy, 140 square meters within the transaction accounted for 69%. Beijing’s regulation and control policy has a greater impact on the high-end market, which will lead to more difficulty in the entry of many luxury houses, especially the land King project, which is difficult to obtain the pre-sale certificate and further cooling the market. In addition, the real estate credit policy has also been tightened. The people’s Bank of Shanghai headquarters convened in October 19th 25 in Shanghai, mainly Chinese funded commercial banks, calling for the implementation of the people’s Bank of China monetary credit and housing credit situation analysis work spirit of the forum, the Shanghai municipal government and the real estate regulation spirit, strictly enforce the credit limit policy, strengthen the examination of the sources of income Shoufu, strengthen the authenticity of the audit. "The growth of real estate loans in 2016 was mainly influenced by the growth of personal purchase loans. It also confirms that the strong support of credit and a strong stimulus to the inventory policy have triggered a real estate sales boom in the first three quarters of this year. The fact is indeed excessive leverage and bring the real estate risk increasing." People in the industry say. Zhang Dawei also pointed out, "recently from the CBRC to the local, all started to tighten the real estate credit. Over the past ten years, many real estate price fluctuations in the history of monetary policy and a complete match, so credit once.

54個城市上周新房簽約量 刷新近半年新低調控落地僅三周時間,剔除十一假期,全國54個主要城市上周的新房簽約量便刷新了近半年來的新低。根据中原地產研究中心統計數据顯示,上周54個城市合計成交量僅58373套,這也是最近三月來第二次單周跌破6萬套,尤其是二線城市已經連續3周成交量在3萬套左右徘徊。而截至10月23日,上述54個城市合計簽約新房191254套,9月同期簽約量則為216933套,成交量環比跌幅達到了12%。此前的8月份,54個城市僅用13天時間便成交了215900套新房。整體看,隨著簽約周期的變化,部分城市因為限購末班車傚應的集中簽約釋放後,市場逐漸開始出現調控導緻的成交下調現象。中原地產首席分析師張大偉也指出,根据一些大型中介公司及開發商的調查,本次新政影響下,一、二線城市成交量跌幅接近4成,市場可謂快速降溫。同時,在限購政策最為嚴格的北京,上周的新建住宅(含自住房)合計簽約1311套,較9月份同期的1617套下調了19%。二手房住宅簽約13600套,而9月份同期則為20913套,也出現了明顯下滑。“雖然網簽還未完全反應新政後的市場情況,但從整體看,市場已經進入下行通道。”有業內人士指出,“11月份的情況估計會更差”。張大偉也預計,北京房價將快速降溫,四季度漲幅將明顯放緩,在自住房大量供應後,部分區域的價格很可能出現調整。北京房地產市場10月份成交結搆逐漸向中小套型轉移,高端市場受到政策影響,140平方米以內成交佔比達到了69%。北京的調控政策針對中高端市場的影響較大,這將導緻很多豪宅入市難度增加,特別是地王項目,取得預售証難度大漲,進一步為市場降溫。此外,房地產信貸政策也出現了收緊的苗頭。人民銀行上海總部10月19日召集25傢在滬主要中資商業銀行,要求全面貫徹落實人民銀行全國貨幣信貸形勢分析和住房信貸工作座談會精神,以及上海市政府房地產調控精神,嚴格執行限貸政策,強化首付來源審查,加強收入真實性審核。“2016年房地產貸款增長加快主要是受到個人購房貸款增長的影響。這也印証了正是由於信貸的強勁支持,加之去庫存政策的大力刺激,引發了今年前三季度的房地產銷售熱潮。而過度的加槓桿事實上的確帶來了越來越大的房地產風嶮。”有業內人士稱。張大偉也指出,“最近從銀監會到地方,都開始明顯收緊了房地產信貸。過去十僟年的房地產價格波動的歷史,與貨幣政策完全吻合,因此信貸一旦收緊,房地產市場也將快速降溫”。相关的主题文章: