The people’s Liberation Army pig breeders practice hit 5 kilometers crack gunner play the same hole

The people’s Liberation Army pig breeders practice hit 5 kilometers: crack gunner play the same hole – Sohu news in the gorgeous mind in the soldiers at the beginning of the faith from the breeder to "shenpao Shou Yuan Haifeng Lin Xiangru in the artillery firing contest army base just ended, artillery test even" jiandaoban "swept the top three. "Jiandaoban monitor" Liu Xiaolong named "the first hero" is not "jiandaoban", but the keeper turned four sergeant, artillery technician Cai Lihua. The army arrived at boot camp, Cai Lihua urged progress from the monitor that the mouth, "want to have ambition would have to fight her gunner". Since then, when the Gunners became his dream. However, even after he was assigned as a breeder. All day with a group of pigs greasy together, Cai Lihua heart unhappy. Who knows, a flu hit, nearly half of the pigs suddenly septicemia, fall. "Even the pig raising good, also want to be a gunner?" The taunt, Cai Lihua tears secretly vowed: the rest of the pig one less! In the treatment of the day, Cai Lihua had scarcely left the pigsty. Not only was down, increasing the number of pigs, "and a" round ", he became a pig". In Cai Lihua’s repeated requests, he finally had a dream come true, to fight a gunner. But even in the word first, not good gun, go back to the pigs. Even the gun did not touch Cai Lihua did not flinch, in the face of difficulties he chose to meet the difficulties. The next day, others sleep he pondering the principle of others to entertain him to study the structure of other people talk about his manipulation of artillery. A year later, he mastered the 6 categories of more than 20 kinds of technical indexes of different caliber artillery and skills at the same time, the glorious party embarked on a monitor position. Cai Lihua trained not to die". He is powerless to get the gun gun, there is no advantage, thanks to an unyielding stubbornness, no one is two times, two times three times…… Sometimes, despite the pain, still adhere to teeth, acquired a mortar for 60 seconds, 35 seconds to shoot 13 grenade shot 7 of the excellent. A firing 5 rounds, Cai Lihua at 1000 meters outside the target, the intercom came the result: "one hit, 4 miss." Everyone stared at Cai Lihua, some still whispered. The brigade leader in disbelief, seized bomb came panting. "No, miss, is playing the same hole 5!" Instant position boiling, we put this "shenpao Shou lifted into the air. The base of chief of staff Guo Yalong sincerely regrets: "deep learning can be hard to repair the Scriptures, really, Cai Lihua gives a powerful answer." Soon, let Cai Lihua be diverted to superior artillery technician. Facing another "turned" the apprentice laocai knew that a heavier burden. So, he "drill" to find books, "riveting" in the front doorway touch, summed up a set of simple and practical Cai style aiming method". For he taught his disciples shelling, hair shells like long eyes, whether it is high altitude, complex terrain, temperature changing, always all destroy the target.相关的主题文章: