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How do you teach a photo is Low seconds into a tall on behalf — the East Japan Red Snake disease network (Jun landlord landlord Hui Liang) shooting teaching again, this time to teach you how to make the photo look handsome and fashionable! Human is the pursuit of fashion, for some people, are more important than the breath function, so let the pictures become handsome, you must have a MacBook. Take a chestnut, and you’ll see a lot of people with MacBook in the coffee shop. It looks like you have an attitude towards life. And without MacBook, what’s the picture of coffee sitting in a coffee shop? MacBook did not take you look old and do not know what you are to do what the cafe, indeed, without the influence of MacBook is really great! (GEE). ) next we look at other examples, left with nothing whatsoever walking in the street, look: but with computer driven to distraction if walking in the street, the feeling is not the same, fashion, taste, it is highly educated intellectuals. The same thing was taken in front of the building, and without MacBook, it looked like an unemployed man…… And with a photograph of MacBook in front of the building, he instantly feels like an architect. Since MacBook is so powerful, how can you not a. Don’t you have enough money to buy MacBook? It doesn’t matter. The landlord’s "MacBook" is actually DIY. Here also provides the production of teaching, for the benefit of everyone. First of all, this is the material to prepare: wood, paint and so on are necessary, as well as sandpaper, cutting tools. As long as the size of the board is enough, you can cut the fillet and polish the MacBook after you buy it. Sprayed with silver gray, and then transparent protective varnish. The two pieces of wood were pieced together and pasted with a false screen, and the landlord added a compass… So you can focus on this fake computer, not just fashion, but also directions. Do you have a good grasp of the main points, HMM?.

照片很Low怎么办 教你一秒变成高大上   东方蛇精病的代表――日本网红地主君(地主惠亮)拍摄教学又来了,这次教大家如何让照片看起来帅气又时尚!   人类是追求时尚的生物,对某些人来说,时尚气息比起功能更重要、所以让照片变得帅气的方法,是你要有一部MacBook。举个栗子,在咖啡店上会看到很多拿着MacBook的人,看起来很有生活态度。   而如果没有MacBook的情况下,坐在咖啡店喝咖啡的画面又是怎样的呢?   没有拿MacBook的你看起来老土又不知道你到底来咖啡厅做什么,果真,没有MacBook的影响真的很大呢!(咦。)接下来我们再看看其他的例子,两手空空走在街上,看起来失魂落魄:   但要是拿着电脑在街上步行,整个感觉都不一样了,时尚、有品味,简直就是受过高等教育的知识份子。   同样的,都是在建筑物前面拍照的情况,没拿MacBook的话看起来很像无业游民……   而一拿着MacBook在建筑物前面拍摄的话,瞬间感觉自己就是建筑师一样呢。   既然MacBook这么厉害,你怎么能不备一台。不够钱买MacBook吗?没关系,地主君的这部“MacBook”,其实是DIY的。在这里还提供了制作教学,造福大家。首先这是准备的材料:   木板、喷漆等等是必须的,还有砂纸、切割工具。   木板只要选足够的大小就可以,买回来后切割出MacBook的圆角、打磨。   喷上银 灰色,然后上透明的光泽保护漆。   再把两块木板拼合,粘贴假屏幕就完成了,地主君还加上了一个指南针…   这样就可以专心地看着这部假电脑了,不单时尚还可以分辨方向。大家有好好掌握要点了吗,唔。相关的主题文章: